​Importance of Dribbling Skills for Kids In Soccer

It is important to incorporate kids’ soccer dribbling drills in your training sessions. Training of this art gets your players a proper grounding in soccer technique that will stay part of them for the rest of their lives.

Kids’ soccer dribbling drills should get your players to:

  • Have their knee over the ball.
  • Pull the ball along with the front of the dribbling foot so it is placed on or near the used foot at all times.
  • If you make your under 4s/5s/6s running at players with this technique it will become natural to them, even to the most basic player. As a soccer coach you should get them to practice on real players. Avoid, if possible, the use of cones in such cases. Cones cannot recreate realistic soccer situations. As a matter of fact, don’t take cones to training at all.
  • Warm-up with dribbling drills

Since football is about entertainment, some of your players will want to learn moves that will impress their friends. Demonstrate them some tricks! The moves will be great as warm-up drills before matches. You can give these drills also as homework. If they can pull them off in real match situations, you’re on to a winner.

Mind coaching your players the Cruyff Turn, La Roulette and other great moves to bamboozle opposition defenders.

Skillful dribblers are match winners
Dribbling isn’t easy and you should expect players to make mistakes along the way. Passes can substitute dribble moves. However, don’t discourage your players from dribbling since more often than not, those kind of moves will win you matches.

A great trick for losing an opponent
The famous Dutchman Johan Cruyff had demonstrated many skills on the field. One of them was his Cruyff Turn. You should get your players to use it in soccer training drills. Your eyes should be focused on quick feet. Encourage those instinctive dribblers to use this and many more tricks for losing an opponent.

Kick and run
There is a lot in soccer which can be accomplished just as well by coaching basic soccer drills for kids as complex ones. Often with kids at U5-U9 the simpler the method the game is played, the easier and better it is for them. Use this elementary soccer drill to get your team kicking the ball past their opponents and moving quickly to make the most of any given situation.

For example, knocking the ball past a player and running to beat them is a simple way of getting past the opposition. If you make your players practice this soccer drill, they will realize they don’t have to pass the ball at all times. Kids have to be aware that they can get into favorable positions by kicking the ball into space and following it.

Advantage of good dribbles
When a player is in possession of the ball, the opposition will make sure to run onto him and try taking the ball away from him. If the player pushes the ball past, the defending player will have to turn and shift his balance and start chasing the ball from a standing start. This provides the attacking player the advantage. It enables him to surge past the defender and move into space to get an easier pass or shot on goal.