10 Totally Unique Team Sports Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is often necessary for many schools and traveling sports teams. The funds pay for new equipment, team uniforms, an expenses associated with away games. Traditional fundraisers are great, but not exciting. Instead of opting for selling candy bars or hosting a car wash, try one of the following unique fundraising ideas.
Bingo Night

Who doesn’t love to play Bingo? Hosting a Bingo night won’t cost you much either. Simply get permission from the school to host the event in the auditorium, have a few volunteers create Bingo cards, and pick up a few items from the Dollar Store to give out as prizes to the winners. Parents can be recruited to send in snacks and drinks for the evening. On the night of the event have the children sell the Bingo cards for a chance to win a prize. Collect the cards after each game and repeat. After playing 10 to 15 times, you’ll have a good deal of money toward your goal.


Sell Flavored Popcorn

Turn the team players into little entrepreneurs by having them create and sell flavored popcorn. First, have the members of the team survey their fellow students to discover which popcorn flavors are the most popular. Is it cheddar, sour cream and onion, or caramel? Take the top three flavors and make multiple batches to sell at school. Have them available to purchase during the lunch hour for an entire week. Since popcorn doesn’t cost much to make, you’ll have a nice little profit in the end.

Host a Talent Competition

The only cost with a talent competition is picking up a few trophies to give to the winners. Ask students to sign up with a talent. This can be anything from singing to dancing to telling a few jokes. Kids can do a trick with their dogs, put on a short skit, or show off their karate moves. A diverse group of talent makes for a great show. Once you have your talent in place, you can begin selling tickets to the event. For a few extra dollars have parents send in baked goods that you can sell to the audience.

dog wash

Dog Wash

Contact a local dog park and see if they will allow you to host a dog wash there. Once you have permission you can put out flyers around town, in local vet offices, and throughout the school. Charge a set amount for a wash and a dollar or two extra for a dry.

Watermelon Eating Contest

Host a watermelon eating contest. All this will cost you is a few watermelons. To start off you’ll need to create a few categories, such as girls ages 5-10, boys ages 13 to 15, parents, or teachers. Once you have 10 to 12 categories, you can begin selling tickets for that category. On the day of the event give each contestant a large piece of watermelon. The individual who finishes their piece first is the winner. You’ll need a few ribbons to hand out to each winner, which can be purchased cheaply if you can’t get them donated.

Rent a Team

If you’re looking for a unique fundraising idea that won’t cost you a dime, consider renting out the team to the community. The team can shovel snow on snow days, clean up leaves in the fall, or babysit so parents can have a night out. Many hands make light work and over time the money will really add up.

rubber duck

Rubber Duck Race

Purchase a batch of rubber ducks in bulk and then sell the ducks to students, parents, and teachers. Each duck will need a unique number placed on its back with a permanent magic marker. Locate a small stream or river that you can send the ducks down for a race. There will need to be a net as the finish line to collect the ducks. The first duck that touches the net is the winner. Have a small prize ready for the owner of the winning duck.

Teachers Verses Students

Hosting a match between the teachers and students is always fun and exciting. It also doesn’t cost a dime to do, so all of the money made from this fundraiser is pure profit. Have each teacher and student that signed up get sponsors. The sponsors will then want to attend the game and cheer on their player. Snacks and drinks can also be sold during the event to increase funds for the team.

Partner with Cheerbacks

Cheerbacks isn’t your typical fundraiser, and chances are no one at your school has seen anything like it. That will make it easier to sell. Cheerbacks are chair jerseys that fit over the top of the folding chairs that moms and dads use to watch their children play on the field. The jerseys will match your team uniforms and can be personalized with the names of each team player.

Photo Shoot

Contact an up-and-coming photographer and make a deal with them. Obtain their services at a discount in exchange for getting the word out about their business. Then host a photo shoot for families to have their portraits done.