8 Product-Free Fundraising Ideas

Tired selling stuff for fundraisers? Try a Product-Free Fundraising idea with your sports team, club or school.
Tired selling stuff for fundraisers? Try a Product-Free Fundraising idea with your sports team, club or school.

As parents, the moment your child walks through the door with a fundraiser packet, you take a deep breath and think to yourself, what am I going to have to buy now?! Often times, we get “stuck” with fundraiser leftovers because your child couldn’t manage to sell quite enough of the required product.

You might encourage your team, school or club to try a product-free fundraiser. These fundraisers are typically a win-win. There is no product to be sold, but rather an event that takes place. Your groups earns funds based on their hard work to hold a successful event.

There are a ton of great Product-Free Fundraising Ideas available, but we thought we would share some of our favorites!

8 Product-Free Fundraising Ideas

Fashion Show

Our local high school uses this as a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital. About 100 high school students are the models, each paying $50 to participate. In return, each student receives 10 tickets ($5 each) to sell to the event. It’s a sell-out every year. The clothing is provided by local boutiques and shops. The fundraiser is held in February so that students can model daily wear and the latest trends for Prom.

Car Wash

Hold a community car wash by select a location and time for maximum exposure. If you work with a local hardware store, they will typically provide all the materials needed for the car wash. You can invite mascots, popular radio DJs, or other identifiable community figures to participate. Advertise on social media, word or mouth, posting signs at nearby stores and by holding signs near the car wash to get traffic to come into the wash.

Food Trucks

Have a community event that is going on?…Work with local food trucks to come to the event. In return they will give your organization a percentage of the total sales.

Face Painting

Set up a face painting booth or multiple booths at a local park or community event or sporting event (be sure to get permission). Use teenagers to do the face painting. You could set the booth up on a regular reoccurring basis so kids know every week when to come get their face painted!

50-50 Raffle

A 50-50 raffle fundraising is simply the sale of raffle tickets with the proceeds being split evenly between the winner and your organization. It is one of the simplest and easiest fundraisers you can do. Use double roll raffle tickets and sell for a set amount per ticket. Give your organization a set amount of time to sell tickets, when the sale is over, one winner is drawn and they get half of all funds raised and your club, school or organization gets the other half!


Hold a dance-a-thon (some clubs make this an all night event!)! Get sponsored for the number of hours in a row that your organization can dance without stopping. The more that participate, the more money can be made.

Yard Sale

Ask for donations from friends, family, anyone you know. People ALWAYS have stuff they want to get rid of, and are happy to do so. Set a day and time for a Yard sale (this can even be held in a school parking lot). All money made goes to your organization.

Golf Challenge

Contact a local golf course to set up a day that they will allow each player to play for free. Each player gets a sponsorship for the the number of holes they can play in a set amount of time (typically 8 hours).  Depending on how many holes were played will determine how much each player raises. All monies go directly to your organization.

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