DIY – Easy Magnet Memory Board

DIY - Easy Magnet Memory Board
DIY - Easy Magnet Memory Board



Magnet Memory Board
Magnet Memory Board

One of the best things you can do as a parent of an athlete is to capture the memories. After years of watching your kids play their favorite sports, however, the memories can start to add up. I’m talking pictures, upon pictures, upon more pictures. You can only buy so many frames and inevitably some pictures either never get printed, or they end up in boxes. Well, here is a super easy, inexpensive DIY to help you and your kids display cherished memories playing their sport. You can easily cycle them out, put up new ones, and store small keepsakes on these magnet memory boards as well.


  • Metal Pizza Dish From the Dollar Store (or your kitchen)
  • Felt
  • Magnets
  • Spray Paint/Acrylic Paint
  • Photos
  • Glue
  • Extra Embellishments (stickers, clothespins, etc.)


How To:

Step One:

First, I spray painted both of my pizza pans white since I decided to make a soccer ball and a baseball magnet board. This took a couple of coats and dried pretty fast.


Step Two:

For my soccer ball board, I started cutting out pentagons from black felt. I printed out a pentagon I found on an image search to use as a template to make this step easier. Make sure you cut out at least six. I went ahead and made the center pentagon thicker by gluing two pieces of felt together.

Felt Pentagons

Step Three:

Now, it’s time to get gluing!  Cut five of your felt pentagons so that only the top portion will be on your board. Glue them around the perimeter of the pizza dish, making sure the top corners point toward the corners on the center pentagon.

Before Cut


Step Four:

You can glue the center pentagon on if you’d like. I decided to adhere magnets to the back of this one so it could hold pictures.

Felt Glued

Step Five:

Next, add any other embellishments. I found these adorable mini clothespins at Walmart and stuck them on. I also made some “grass” magnets using a scouring pad from the dollar store.

Grass Magnets


For my baseball magnet board, all I did was paint on the “seams” and add some stickers to spell out my son’s name. I also glued on the mini clothespins again.

Baseball Board


Step Six:

Finally, print out pictures and put them on your board! Hang up the board in your kids’ rooms and let them add to it as they see fit. Maybe they have tickets from their last professional game they saw. Put them on the board! You can do this for virtually any sport by just switching out some of the materials you use. Get creative and have fun making memories with your kids!

FinishedSBFinished BB