Game Day Calendar Using Paint Chips

When all of your kids are involved in different sports and activities, it can be really difficult to keep track of. Unfortunately, most planners and calendars available to purchase just don’t have enough space to plan out the week for the whole family. My solution is this easy, colorful paint chip game day calendar that has enough space to keep track of each child’s activities. I love seeing all of the different up-cycling ideas for paint chips and this is my take on the game day calendar. The best part? It costs under $10 to make!


  • A ton of paint chips
  • A poster frame
  • Decorative fabric or paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Dry-erase marker


First, you need to decide who will be on the game day calendar. I made this calendar to manage the schedules of three kids. You can include everyone or just use it for the kid’s activities. This will determine how many paint chips you need.

Since we are making a weekly calendar, I picked up 21 paint chips at Walmart. I picked out the colors by sport. Blue is for swim, green is for soccer, and purple is for dance. You could also choose your colors based on everyone’s favorite color or perhaps their team color. By the way, am I the only one who feels like a criminal when I take handfuls of these things from the store even though they’re free?

Anyway, now that you have your paint chips you can figure out how large of a frame you will need to purchase. I bought a 16×20” poster frame from Target and I trimmed down my paint chips so they would fit nicely within these dimensions. After taking apart the frame and removing the picture, I realized the only backing was a piece of cardboard. I didn’t want to just throw paint chips on cardboard. Sure, it would be functional, but not very pretty. Instead I picked up some dollar wrapping paper and covered the boring cardboard. You can also use fabric, but make sure it isn’t too thick or else the poster frame won’t fit back together properly.


Okay, so you have the frame ready to go and all of your paint chips cut. Now it’s time to assemble your calendar! Lay out your paint chips to figure out spacing. Once you have found an arrangement that works, break out the double-sided tape and have at it. I found that the tape was pretty forgiving. If I needed to adjust a paint chip, the tape didn’t tear the wrapping paper at all. If you decided to use fabric for your background, you will probably have to use hot glue instead of tape.


Tip: I found that it’s easiest to maintain the desired spacing by taping down the two ends first and then the middle paint chip. Then tape the rest in the row. After you have one row finished, the others should be easy.


Almost finished! Now all that’s left to do is to reassemble the frame. Start filling in your calendar with a dry-erase marker and your hectic weeks will be so much more manageable.