MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack Hands-On Review

MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack Displayed on Wall

The MaxRax Is The DIY Snowboard Storage Rack Alternative For The Non-Handy Man

I’ve been a snowboarder for most of my life, and for most of my life, I’ve been able to appreciate just how cool a lot of snowboards look. It has been a bit of a goal of mine to install snowboard hangers on my walls and show off all the cool boards I’ve had over the years.

However, I have constantly worried about DIY setups because a crack in the drywall or any weakening of the snowboard hanger could lead to a damaged wall, wrecked floor, or broken furniture from having the snowboard fall on it.

I was excited when I got the MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack because it seemed like it would be the solution to my hangup.

MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack Parts Included

  • 1 Backboard
  • 2 Side arms with adjustable knobs
  • 1 Center piece
  • 4 Wall Anchor Screws
  • 4 Screws
  • 2 Elastics (skis only)
  • 1 Set of instructions

*You will need your own Phillips head screwdriver

One thing to note, the blue cardboard background in the casing holds the instructions.

[Installation] The MaxRax Shines In Its Easy Setup

The setup was really a sinch. As soon as you open up the casing you can tell exactly how the rack is supposed to hold your snowboard or skis. And with the 4 holes in the backboard and 4 screws and wall anchors its pretty intuitive to get your board on the wall.

One thing that brought me a lot of peace of mind was that once the MaxRax was attached to the wall it was very securely attached. Between what I think are half or ¾ inch screws and the drywall anchors, there was no doubt in my mind that the MaxRax was going to remain fixed to the wall.

One of the primary advantages that the MaxRax will have over conventional peg or hanger snowboard racks is that you will be able to adjust the board once you’ve placed it against the wall.

If you are using the peg method, you are going to want to precisely line up and measure where your pegs sit. With the MaxRax you can mount the board and still have a little wiggle room to adjust it into position.

It is also not bad looking on the wall. I currently live in a bit of a bachelor pad and while I make no claims of being an interior decorator, I know what I like and I know what I don’t, and I like this on my wall. The white backboard will stand out very nicely against any starkly colored walls and it’s not so intrusive that it’s detracting from how the actual snowboard looks.

MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack Displayed on Wall

There Are A Few Hangups

There are a few things I noticed while setting up the MaxRax that made me a little concerned. Primarily it has to do with the squeezing arms that you use to prop and hold your snowboard up. The squeezing arms work via a simple screw mechanism, whereby when you tighten the knobs on the side you tighten up the arm’s position.

After testing the MaxRax on a couple of boards I noticed I started having to tighten the screws more and more to hold them in place. It makes sense, the backboard is made of plastic so the screws will eventually be stripped, I just expected it to take a little longer before it started to degrade.

As well, there seems to be a weight limit on what the MaxRax can hold. I tried one of my older snowboards, a 2007 Rossignol Storm with bindings, but the arms would not stay locked to hold the board in place. I did end up removing the bindings and the board has stayed up just fine for about a week now, but it could mean some difficulty for someone with heavier boards.

Final Thoughts

MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack displayed in full view on wall

I’d say the MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack is a very cool and very functional way to turn your snow gear into a sweet year-round display. It is easy to set up and very intuitively designed so that basically anyone with a Phillips head screwdriver could mount their snowboard or skis on the wall.

Older and larger snowboards may have trouble with the MaxRax simply because of their weight, but if you are gentle and don’t overuse the screws for the squeeze arms you’ll probably be alright. Once the arms are secured and you have successfully mounted your snowboard on the rack it does seem very sturdy.

Overall, I would recommend the MaxRax Snowboard/Ski Storage Rack. It’s simple design and easy setup make it perfect for anyone who wants to put their snowboards on display. It provided a relatively sturdy and easy to install solution for someone who wants to save their drywall but still wants to show off their boards.