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kids warming up with outside activities before getting ready to play

It doesn’t matter if you have a dancer on your hands or an up-and-coming star pitcher for the middle school baseball team, every kid athlete needs to grow up knowing how to warm up correctly. The time before practice and the game is a necessity for all – especially when it comes to safety – …

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coach doing motivational drills with their team

As a coach and long-time softball player, I know that one of the biggest issues come practice time is the ability to keep every athlete engaged and motivated throughout the duration of our two to three-hour session. And sometimes, it can be hard to keep the entire team going when the season is winding down …

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Family headed to the sports arena wearing thick clothing and layers

Don’t go unprepared. For those that have to spend time in sports arenas – especially hockey rinks or basketball courts inside large, spacious buildings with the AC cranked up – it can get rather chilly. There are several quick and easy tips to take to heart to stay comfortable and warm while on the sidelines. …

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Easy 3-Ingredient Swiss Cheese Dip

A Simply Impressive Simple Swiss Cheese Dip Holiday season? BBQ season? Last minute invite? Forgot guests were coming over? This scrumptious dip takes minutes to prepare and can be enjoyed cold or hot. We highly recommend pairing this dip with seasoned crackers (such as the Triscuits you see below), sourdough bread, veggie chips, or fresh …

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Make Ahead Chicken Enchiladas

Meal Prep & Freezer Friendly Enchiladas Your Family Will Love These make-ahead chicken enchiladas are a surefire way to treat your taste buds and give you and your family breathing room on a busy weeknight. They require minimal prep time and are bursting with wonderful flavor. Eat them right away or freeze a few batches …

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Jimmy John's Homemade Sub Sandwich

Up Your Sandwich Game With Delicious Jimmy John’s Style Sub Sandwiches Jimmy John’s is about getting back to the basics and keeping things fresh; we can get behind that. These sub sandwiches are quick to pull together and they will spice up your sandwich life. These are perfect for lunch on the field or in …

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