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Cheerleading is one of the most popular sports for kids and teens with almost 4 million participants in the USA alone in 2017. When it comes to competing as a cheerleader, it’s about more than just athletic ability. Of course, your jumps and your throws are always important, but your uniform is actually a part …

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Peewee hockey team playing in the ice skating rink

If your little guy or gal is determined to lace up some skates and hit the rink, you’re going to need to know a few important things. Youth hockey isn’t like a classic baseball team or soccer tribe, there are major differences in this sport and a lot of us aren’t attuned to what it …

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Instructor and children doing high-intensity interval training

Beneficial for both adults and children, high-intensity interval training (aka HIIT) is a great way to get up, get moving, and get in shape. Whether it be for off-season prep or just as a means to keep up some physicality in our lives, these regimens provide a lot of great additions to the body and …

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Low Carb, High-Protein Snacks

When we are on the go constantly – from work, to school pickups, to soccer/hockey/gymnastics/tennis, and more – it is easy to grab high-carb, low-nutrient snacks from the pantry or the gas station. These quick access snack foods are typically high in refined carbs and sugar; what does this mean for you and your family? …

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Easy 3-Ingredient Swiss Cheese Dip

A Simply Impressive Simple Swiss Cheese Dip Holiday season? BBQ season? Last minute invite? Forgot guests were coming over? This scrumptious dip takes minutes to prepare and can be enjoyed cold or hot. We highly recommend pairing this dip with seasoned crackers (such as the Triscuits you see below), sourdough bread, veggie chips, or fresh …

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Make Ahead Chicken Enchiladas

Meal Prep & Freezer Friendly Enchiladas Your Family Will Love These make-ahead chicken enchiladas are a surefire way to treat your taste buds and give you and your family breathing room on a busy weeknight. They require minimal prep time and are bursting with wonderful flavor. Eat them right away or freeze a few batches …

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