Top 10 Jobs for Pre-Teens & Teens in Sports

Top 10 Jobs for Pre-teens & Teens in Sports

Are your pre-teens and teens anxious to earn extra cash while gaining experience in sports?

I know for my 13 year-old, umping baseball is very motivating for him to get off the couch and make some good money. Besides baby-sitting, dog-sitting and yard work, pre-teens don’t have a lot of opportunities to make money. Finding a job in sports is the perfect opportunity for them to bring home a little bacon!

Is your pre-teen or teen looking for a summer job? This is a great list of the Top 10 Jobs for Pre-teens & Teens in Sports.

If you are looking for some great opportunities for your kids…check these out!


Depending on your local baseball league, umpires can be as young as 13. If you want to become an official Little League Umpire, you need to register here. Check with your local baseball league to find out how to become an umpire.

Referee: Soccer, Basketball, Football

Each of these sports have different age requirements to be a referee. You will need to check with your local league to find out how to begin. You can find detailed information on how youth can become a soccer referee here.

Camp Counselor

A camp counselor is a popular option for both boys and girls.  Many camps are offered nationwide and they must all be staffed with counselors. Your pre-teen/teen can likely find a camp that is of interest to them. Usually the park district or local high school will offer sports camps such as soccer, baseball, swim, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, volleyball or more. If your teen/pre-teen already is active in one of the previously mentioned sports, even better!.

Life Guard and/or Swim Teacher

Once a teen hits age 15, they are of age to become a life guard. They will want to plan ahead to get their certification during the winter months so that they can apply for summer jobs in the spring. It is also possible to work year-round if a local pool is indoors. Find out how to become a Red Cross Certified Life Guard here. If you are interested in becoming a swim teacher,  you can also check with your local swim club and/or high school to find out about available opportunities.

After-School Programs

Many towns have local organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club or YMCA that offer after-school recreational activities and sports…. another great opportunity to find a job in their sport of choice.

Assistant Coach

Although this may not be a paid position, many coaches are in need of extra help on the field. If you contact your local sports league (baseball, soccer, football, etc.) you can inquire about becoming an assistant coach.  This is a great opportunity to gain experience, work with an adult and have an impact on the lives of some youngsters.

Concession Stand Worker

This is not exactly a “sports” job, but obviously if you work at a concession stand you are at least in the ballpark (literally). You can hear the the calls, whistles and cheers! It’s a fun environment to be in and is great chance for pre-teens to work and be close to the action!

Sports Equipment Store

This is a job for the older kids ages 16 and up. If you love sports, working in a a sporting goods store is a fun environment and perfect for those who love to interact and help others. A bonus to working in a sports equipment store is that it is very typical for a store to offer an employee discount.  This can be extremely helpful if you play sports…you can save money on your sports clothing, shoes and equipment.

Stadiums, Race Tracks, Athletic Venues

Depending on where you live, if you have a local stadium, race track or athletic venue, there are numerous jobs available: ticket sales, concession stand, brand promotions, cleaning crew, ushers and more.

Grounds Crew

Many school districts and park districts will hire teens in the summer to help with the grounds maintenance.  Usually this includes mowing the grounds and assisting on the athletic fields for the schools and town. Although this is not a direct “sports job”, it’s still allows teens to take pride in helping with the upkeep of the fields they play on!