About Us

Parenting is tough. Parenting with kids that are active in sports is even tougher. At Sports Mom Survival Guide we are here to help. We are passionate parents ourselves and know that time, patience and creative ideas are all hard to come by. We know schedules are tough. We know dinner planning is work.

Our goal with this site is to help parents make faster, smarter and more intelligent decisions by taking on the hard work of reviewing, researching and curating all the wonderful resources that already exist online. We work with a great group of educators, coaches, chefs and real moms to try provide helpful tips.

We cover a lot of ground on the site, including tasty recipes for hungry families and teams, parental coaching tips, team fundraising ideas, free training drills and much more. We hope you enjoy the site.

Sports Mom Survival Guide is part of the A07 Online Media parenting community, a group of niche sites that focus on different challenges that parents face. Check out our other sites and hopefully you can find some more great tips on this journey that is raising children.

All the best,

The Sports Mom Team