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Singapore Noodles With Salmon Ready to Eat

Chinese delivery is always a quick weeknight dinner option, but why bother when you can make it yourself (and quickly at that), save a few dollars, as well as sneak in more vegetables than you would get otherwise? Although the recipe list may look a little on the longer side, the majority of the ingredients …

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Chicken Parmesan-Stuffed Zucchini Boats from Flavor the Moments

Keep the family satisfied, healthy, and ready for game time we these 14 high-protein meals. They’ll love each and every one of them and you won’t have to work too hard in the kitchen to make them happy. From breakfast to dinner, there’s something for everyone and every part of the day on our quick …

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Do your kids help you cook?  You might be surprised at what your kids can make themselves (or with a little help)!  Teaching them early is a great life skill that will benefit them down the road, think college freshman (or don’t…that just makes me sad!). We have put together a list of “recipes” that …

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I have been making this Grape Salad for a number of years and it’s one that you will crave!! Let me tell you…the first time I had this salad, I ate way more than my fair share! This is a perfect salad to take if you are heading to a pitch-in/potluck or to make for …

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