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Pure Athlete Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks

Blisters are never conducive to an athlete’s performance and neither are extra sweaty feet that result in nail or foot fungus. The dreaded athlete’s foot thrives in moist environments, so knowing what materials to shop for when it comes to sports socks is absolutely imperative for both comfort and health. Socks are part of a …

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kids warming up with outside activities before getting ready to play

It doesn’t matter if you have a dancer on your hands or an up-and-coming star pitcher for the middle school baseball team, every kid athlete needs to grow up knowing how to warm up correctly. The time before practice and the game is a necessity for all – especially when it comes to safety – …

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coach doing motivational drills with their team

As a coach and long-time softball player, I know that one of the biggest issues come practice time is the ability to keep every athlete engaged and motivated throughout the duration of our two to three-hour session. And sometimes, it can be hard to keep the entire team going when the season is winding down …

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Singapore Noodles With Salmon Ready to Eat

Chinese delivery is always a quick weeknight dinner option, but why bother when you can make it yourself (and quickly at that), save a few dollars, as well as sneak in more vegetables than you would get otherwise? Although the recipe list may look a little on the longer side, the majority of the ingredients …

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Chicken Parmesan-Stuffed Zucchini Boats from Flavor the Moments

Keep the family satisfied, healthy, and ready for game time we these 14 high-protein meals. They’ll love each and every one of them and you won’t have to work too hard in the kitchen to make them happy. From breakfast to dinner, there’s something for everyone and every part of the day on our quick …

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Spaghetti is a favorite in most households with kids, but the traditional dish is loaded with carbs. Try this version with spaghetti squash and alfredo sauce to knock that carb count right down. There are several methods to prepare spaghetti squash. One fast method is to poke holes in the skin with a fork, then …

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