Upper Body Warmup Exercises for Tennis & Badminton

Warm-ups are the most important part of a day’s match or practice. Without the proper pre-activities, athletes can risk injury and lackluster performance. It’s important to prep your muscles for what’s about to go on at the court!

Whether it’s for tennis or badminton, your upper body should be paid well attention to before the game truly begins. There are plenty of different exercises that you can partake it to get the blood pumping and the arms, back, and torso ready for play. Not only are you getting those muscles of your to a heightened temp, but you’re getting your joints awake and your mental focus in shape.

Check out our list below to find out what upper body warm-up exercises you can incorporate into your pre-tennis or badminton routine. A proper regimen will lead to stronger play and physical health, so scroll through and take notes on these 5 favorites!

5 Upper Body Warmup Exercises for Tennis & Badminton

Dynamic Rotator Cuff Warm Up with Resistance Band

Get your shoulders ready to play with this easy warm-up exercise. Properly warming the rotator cuff helps prevent injuries from minor to severe, which is especially important in sports like tennis and badminton.

Grab a resistance band and anchor it around any sturdy option like a banister or the poles at the court. Face both feet forward while holding the resistance band in your hand with your arm at an above right angle. You’ll pull forward allowing your arm to go down. Repeat.

Tip: Perform 2 sets on each arm with 10-15 reps.

Trunk Rotations

This will get all the blood pumping and flowing as well. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms up shoulder-height and slightly bend your elbows so you’re comfortable. Then you’ll start to rotate your torso from side to side.

Tip: 2 sets of 10 full rotations.

Resistance Band Pull Aparts

You’ll need a resistance band for this one too. Again, it gets the muscles in your hands and upper back ready for action and strengthens each to prevent injury.

With this, you’ll literally just be pulling apart the band. With a hand on each end, you’ll pull slowly while doing the repetitions.

Tip: 2 sets of 8 reps.

Big Arm Circles

Stand up straight and lift your arms. Begin to rotate both sides slowly in a circular motion. While doing this, pay attention to your breathing. You’ll also be working your back, spine, and core muscles within the rotations.

Tip: 2 sets of 10 full rotations.

Foam Roller Back Stretch

Foam rollers are fairly new to the scene. Although athletes have been using them for a while, they’re just now starting to make a beneficial splash.

Place your foam roller under your back – between your scapula (while laying on the floor face up). Lift your hips off of the floor while using your feet to roll your body up and down the roller. The roller should go down to your lower back and back up to where it started.

Tip: 2 minutes of rolling or 10 complete rolls.