5 Things to Consider for Your Cheer Outfit

Cheerleading is one of the most popular sports for kids and teens with almost 4 million participants in the USA alone in 2017. When it comes to competing as a cheerleader, it’s about more than just athletic ability. Of course, your jumps and your throws are always important, but your uniform is actually a part of the performance on its own.

When it comes to choosing your cheer outfit for your team, you have a lot of things to consider. It’s not always as easy as the Bring It On franchise make it seem! Having the right uniform for yourself or your team means more confidence for the athletes, more freedom to move, and a sense of unity. Here are 5 things to consider for your cheer outfit.

1. Trends

One of the biggest problems in the world of cheer uniforms is the trends. Yes, trends are fun and can be a great way to try something new. But how often do you visit a competition only to see hoards of teams in strikingly similar uniforms? This overlap creates confusion for judges, and it doesn’t help your team stand out.

When it comes to trends, use them sparingly. It’s usually a better idea to choose something classic and put your own unique spin on it. Accessories and colors can help even the most traditional styles stand out, and this type of uniform is more likely to last. Trendy uniforms are fun at that moment, but they’ll quickly lose their appeal in a single season.

2. Colors

While some colors look great on some people, the same colors don’t look perfect on everyone. If you’re looking for a team uniform, you’ll want to choose a color that’s complementary to every skin tone. Luckily, this is easier than you think with some planning.

Neutral colors almost always look perfect on all skin tones. They’re also really flattering for all body shapes. Colors like black, white, and shades in between always come across clearly, and you can include colors in the smaller details for that extra pop.

Lighter colors also have more of a flattering effect, similar to neutrals. While flashy yellow might be the coaches favorite color, it’ll likely wash out most skin tones. Instead, a pale version that’s toned down will offer that spark of color without being overwhelming. The same goes for just about any color. It’s a good idea to ask for color swatches or samples before buying in bulk to try things in-person.

3. Customizations

As we mentioned early, it’s common for there to be a lot of overlap between teams if you aren’t careful when choosing your cheer uniforms. That’s why customizations are such a great option. You can choose customized leggings with your school colors & team name for warm-ups, and customized team uniforms for competitions and events.

These customizations can be as extreme as an entire uniform, or they can be in the detail. There are even things you can DIY yourself for extra flair without breaking the bank. Make a team night out of bedazzling uniform tops with school initials, or sew your own embezzlements to skirts. This is a fun way to bring the team together while adding your own spin to uniforms.

4. Extras

By extras, we mean extras of each uniform and add-ons. It’s a nightmare to arrive at a competition only to face a wardrobe malfunction. Things happen, and sometimes something goes wrong when ordering or washing. You might end up with too many uniforms of the wrong size or a broken strap.

The best way to prepare for these moments is to have extras. Bringing an extra uniform and accessories to competition is the best way to quickly step in if something goes wrong with an athlete. In a best case scenario, this extra would never be needed. However, it’s always smart to be safe rather than sorry, especially on competition day.

5. Accessories

Finally, always think about your accessories. Cheer accessories really go the extra mile for uniforms, and they’re what makes one outfit more memorable than another. These can be as simple or elaborate as the team decides, and that’s why they’re so much fun.

The most popular cheer accessories include tights, headwear, pom-poms, armbands, jewelry, and specialty makeup. Never underestimate the power of these little details. The best way to decide on your accessories is to simply ask the team what they’d prefer to wear.

Remember that these accessories can’t get in the way during performance. That’s why less is usually more. Small things are easy to prepare on the day of competitions, and there’s less risk of things going wrong. You can even DIY some accessories as a team for added personalization.

Are you an expert on cheer uniform buying? Your cheer outfit will be one of the biggest parts of your team’s performance, so make sure it’s ready for anything. These 5 things above should be at the front of your mind before you make any decisions about what to wear on competition day.