Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps

Maybe you can relate…all your kids playing sports, running from one game to the next, usually with overlapping games in different locations around town.  My husband and I both love to be at all the games, but with three boys, the math is not on our side.

Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps

During baseball season my husband and I text back and forth non-stop, keeping each other updated on the score and result of each son’s at-bat (good, bad, or ugly).  Usually there are several families on the team with only one parent able to attend that game due to conflicts. So, even though it’s great to keep each other up to date through texting, it’s even better to put the updates on a scorekeeping App so that anyone on the team can catch the latest score, LIVE!

Want in on the action?

Here are the Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps:

Baseball, Softball, Basketball – Game Changer

Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps for Baseball, Softball and Basketball

The Game Changer App is by far the best Score Keeping App I have found! It can be used for baseball, softball and basketball. The app has multiple facets. It allows for scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream updates and recap stories. As a mom that sometimes has to miss games, my favorite feature is the live GameStream updates! Last year one of my son’s coaches used this App, and his favorite feature was the individual player stats. UPDATE:  This app is only available on Apple Devices.

SoccerFootball Scorekeeper

Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps for Soccer

This is a great free scorekeeping app for soccer. The app scores and tracks time at the soccer/football field. Track score, period, shots on goal, and clock time. You’ll be notified when the period ends even if your iOS device is asleep or you are using another application. After the game, you can e-mail a summary to yourself and team players.


Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps for FootballBest Free ScoreKeeping Apps for Football


There are 2 versions of the iTouchdown Football Scorekeeping App.  The Lite and Regular ($4.99).There are plenty of features on the free version, you would only need to purchase the full version if you need to score for more than two teams, or more than one game at a time. Bluetooth transfer of team/game data and Twitter feeds are also not available in the Lite Version.  Real-time scorekeeping IS on the Lite version! YEAH!! Here are some other key features of the Lite Version:

  • Real-time stats for team and players, current game or entire season
  • Undo or edit events at any time
  • Assign events to individual players or team
  • Rapid Roster function to quickly setup teams
  • Calculates approximate time of possession for drives
  • Export game stats via email in HTML or Excel formats
  • CSV import of team rosters


Basketball, Soccer & RugbyWhat’s the Score Scorekeeper?

Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps for Basketball Soccer and Rugby

Android users I have not left you out!  And actually, because of the simplicity of this App, I wish it were available for iOS users!! The What’s the Score Scorekeeper App is super simple and straight forward to use, simply keep the score of your game on the App and then App creates an online gamepage and displays every update you add instantly Anyone, anywhere in the world can follow your game as it happens! Sweet!

GolfGolf Game Book

Best Free ScoreKeeping Apps for Golf

Golfers! This app is great for iPhone, Android, Samsung and Blackberry! This Golf Scorekeeping App is very comprehensive. There are SO many features it’s crazy!  Here are a few key features:

  • Live Scorecard
  •  Share with friends, family and fans, and on Facebook and Twitter
  • Live Leaderboard
  • Collect and share your tournament photos in one easy place.
  • Comment the games with Game Feed

Do you have a Best Free ScoreKeeping App you love to use?  We’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment below or send us an email!  We’d love to add it to our list!