8 YouTube Coaches Kids Love

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Kids have access to every kind of information imaginable on a daily basis. And the opportunity to scour the internet for whatever curiosity they have isn’t diminishing anytime soon. So we might as well start working with what we have on our hands: web doors that are open 24/7.

Boundaries and controls should be set, but how about using our children’s tech-savvy skills to our advantage—and theirs? If they’re into music, set them up with the right channels for success. And, if they’re into sports, make sure they’re in contact with some of the best YouTube coaches around.

We’ve bragged about some of the best youth sports Youtube channels before, but today we’re getting a little more specific. Below, you’ll find 8 YouTube coaches that kids love (and parents love to encourage their young athletes to pay attention to).

#8: Jamie Armor of Cosmic Kids Yoga

Jamie Armor of Cosmic Kids Yoga
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Qualified yoga teacher and kids instructor Jamie Armor has been reeling kids into the yoga studio via YouTube since 2012. Her classes calm children in an instant, and help their strength building, breathing, and flexibility. So many schools utilize her videos, as well as parents who need their little ones to get moving!

#7: Joe Wicks of P.E. with Joe

Joe Wicks of P.E. with Joe
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Another group of popular videos among the littlest of active YouTube viewers are the P.E. with Joe clips via The Body Coach. Joe Wicks is our leader in all things physical education, and the kiddos love him!

When Covid hit, Coach Wicks decided to create YouTube classes for the kids alongside “The Body Coach” channel he had already created for adults. It was a way to get little ones moving at home during quarantine. And it stuck.

#6: Jamie Jones and Roisin Sullivan of The Kids Coach

Jamie Jones and Roisin Sullivan of The Kids Coach
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You’ll find workouts and exercises for kids of all ages (from 2–18) within this YouTube Channel. The page is headed by Jamie Jones, a kids personal trainer, and Roisin Sullivan, an occupational therapist. And there is so much to explore and offer your children from the comfort of your own home here; from holiday-themed fun to muscle-strengthening training.

#5: Kieran Brown of Kieran Brown YouTube

Kieran Brown of Kieran Brown YouTube
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We have bragged about Kieran before. If you’ve got little soccer lovers (or “football”, depending on where you’re from) on your hands, they’ll love watching Keiran’s videos. His channel is filled with tips, experiments, and tricks all pertaining to his fancy footwork.

#4: Dan Blewett of Coach Dan Blewett

Dan Blewett of Coach Dan Blewett
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On Coach Dan’s page, you’ll find everything from advanced pitching drills to everyday baseball workouts that produce results. Blewett is a former pro pitcher, author of two baseball books, and an owner of a baseball academy. So he definitely knows what he’s talking about in his videos. He’s especially helpful for all of those rising star pitchers.

#3: Mr. Majewski of Prime Coaching Sport

Mr. Majewski of Prime Coaching Sport
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With Prime Coaching Sport, you’ll be introduced to a trove of K-6 sports videos. It’s a great resource for physical education teachers, but also a great way to introduce kids to activity at home and keep everyone moving. And the kids absolutely love Mr. Majewski, founder of the channel.

#2: Coach Javi of Coach Javi YouTube

Coach Javi of Coach Javi YouTube
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There are so many good training videos to snag and bookmark with Coach Javi. A former collegiate level player, you’ll be able to have your kids strengthen and condition their soccer skills all with the click of a button.

Coach Javi is currently an assistant coach at the collegiate level, as well as a content creator for his YouTube channel that is filled with exercising and training tips for up-and-coming soccer stars.

#1: Coach Terry from GoNoodle

Cartoon of Coach Terry from GoNoodle
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With GoNoddle, your kids can be moving and grooving while learning—which is why it’s such a popular channel for teachers and parents alike! The short, interactive videos help kids refocus and get out their energy. It’s the perfect breaktime. And Coach Terry’s videos are easily loved by all.