7 Unique And Personalized Gifts for Your Coach!

Updated October 2017 – I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to think of something original to get teachers and coaches. I want the gift to be meaningful so they know just how much we appreciate them, but I also want it to be both practical and unique! Whether it’s the end of the season or as a means of gratitude for showing a little extra care for your child, these “thank you” gifts really show how thankful you are for all of their hard work.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I went on a hunt. I scavenged through the Internet looking for what I think are some of the best personalized coaches’ gifts! And what’s so great about these finds is how versatile each and every item is. From dance to baseball, they can be used for a variety of different sports – including males and females alike. Let’s have a look, shall we?

7 Unique & Personalized Gifts For Your Coach!

Personalized Whistle | Etsy Shop: The Personal Exchange | $23.95

Personalized Whistle

Most coaches will need a whistle to corral the kids, so why not gift them with a personalized, quality piece that they can keep for years to come? They’re affordable, they’re practical and the coach will easily be wowed with the thoughtfulness behind the purchase.

Both the top and sides of the whistle can be engraved as well for extra personalization – just pick your font and order away!

Personalized 25oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Amazon | $19.99

Personalized 25oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Who doesn’t need a water bottle when they’re on the field? It’s not only the players that need a water break, it’s the coaches too! Personalize their very own, quality piece that they can refill at the drop of a hat – with ice cold water, gatorade or even some tea if they’d like!

These ones come in a variety colors and personalization options as well – making it even more fun for gifting!

Personalized Cooler Chair | Etsy Shop: RC Personalized Gifts | $39.99

Personalized Cooler Chair

Advertised for groomsmen but more than perfect for a coach, check out this cooler and chair combo. Couldn’t you imagine a coach getting comfortable on the field at practice with this bad boy? Get their name attached to the front and then fill it up with all their favorites – Propel, Aquafina and Powerade, it’ll all fit nicely inside.

There’s even some extra pockets and space to add snacks and necessities (keys, wallet, etc) when he/she doesn’t want to keep up with all the fuss come game time.

Personalized Snack Baskets | DIYGB | $50+

Personalized Snack BasketsYou can make one from scratch with their favorite treats or have a spot like DIYGB help you create one that’s extra special. Create a snack package filled with on-the-go-goodies they can enjoy between games or before practice.

Just make sure to add a card inside that extend some extra appreciation and for some extra personalization.

Personalized Handprint Umbrella | Crack of Dawn Crafts | around $20

Personalized Handprint Umbrella

Inexpensive and one the entire team can get in one, check out how to DIY a gift that they can keep forever. Although it requires a bit of coordination, getting the entire team to participate behind the coach’s back, he/she will definitely love the sentiment behind it.

All you need is a solid color umbrella and some finger paints to get started!

Personalized Clipboard | Amazon | $21.98

There are so many different ways you can go about personalizing a clipboard. You can DIY one with the players photo or you can buy one like this – simple and sweet with the coach’s name attached.

If you want to get really creative though, there’s even some room to add a sports quote or even a team name if you wish!

Personalized Stationery Set | Amazon | $17.50

Personalized Stationery Set

There are so many different spots to choose from and colors to pick between as well. Personalize your coach’s new stationery set. Go with team colors and a sports logo that fits the bill.

One of the most unique of the bunch, he/she will love the extra time and though you put into this simple and sweet gift.