Awesome Sports Photo App & Giveaway

Do you need photos of your athlete? Use this awesome Sports Photo App to take team and individual photos of your athlete!

Are you in need of snapping a picture of your kid’s sports team or even a great individual shot or trading cards?

Let us introduce you to this super handy sports photo app called PhotoMoby!

Awesome Sports Photo App for mobile devicesWe had baseball “Opening Day” this past weekend and I was able to use the PhotoMoby App to grab some great photos of my boys before their uniforms got dirty!

Sports Photo App for mobile devices

Meanwhile, Angela’s girls had their big dance recital and she got a couple of pictures of them as well. Here’s an example of the magazine cover she created.

Sports Photo App for mobile devices

  The PhotoMoby App is super simple to use! Start by picking your child’s sport:

  • baseball
  • dance
  • basketball
  • bowling
  • cheerleading
  • football
  • golf
  • soccer
  • tennis
  • hockey
  • coaching
  • all sports

Then you pick what type of photo you want to take, such as a team portrait, trading card, magazine cover or memory mate (this includes an individual team photo together). There are also many of color options for the background, allowing you to choose one that blends nicely with your team!

Just snap the photo and add your text (such as the team name, player names, coaches, etc). Last, there is an option to save and order your pictures!  All from your phone or tablet!

Another thing that I love is that the shipping is FREE!

Do you want to try the PhotoMoby App for your kid’s sports pictures?  We are giving away 20 PhotoMoby Apps! It’s simple to enter! Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter , Tweet about the giveaway or do all three!
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