Best Tennis Apps for iOS & Android

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Tennis players and coaches, grab your phones and start the download. Stay in shape, stay in the know, and stay connected with any of these fabulous finds. Check out 10 of the best tennis apps for iOS & Android below.

10 of the Best Tennis Apps for iOS & Android

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Grand Slams, ATP, WTA, & ITF – Free

Live Tennis Scores & NewsIf you want to stay up-to-date on all tennis stats and scoring, this is the one to download. It’s extremely comprehensive, with information including results, rankings, stats, news, videos, schedules, tour information, previews and recaps. You will get all of the latest official ATP & WTA news.

With the app, you will also get the opportunity to tap into free tennis live streams for the ATP Challenger & UTR Pro tennis events. There’s also the chance to play into fantasy bracket games every week—as well as community insights, match predictions, and analysis chats.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

Apeak Tennis

Al-Driven Mental Training – Free

Apeak TennisWith the Apeak Tennis app, players all over will be able to build and strengthen mental habits to better their game and emotional well-being. We all know there is a lot that goes into keeping physically fit and equipped for sports play, but there’s a major mental game that gets played too, and this is the app that focuses on its importance.

Learn how to implement and receive feedback in a healthy way with Dr. Jim Loehr’s help and guidance.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

HEAD Tennis Sensor

HEAD Sport GMbH – Free w/ $100 Sensor Purchase

HEAD Tennis SensorAs their tagline suggests, “Analyze your swing! Improve your game!” With purchase of the sensor for your racket, you get access to the HEAD Tennis sensor app, which provides personalized insight into how you play. Track your performance and receive real-time feedback on what’s happening on the court.

There are also free training sessions and a way to keep track of your own stats throughout the process. Truly a perfect gift for those looking to level up their skills.

iOS Apple Store


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Rally Tennis

Rally Tennis – Free

Rally TennisRally Tennis offers everything we love about the benefits of social media, as it matches you with playing partners in your own area. If you’re looking for more time on the court and someone to share that space with, this is where you need to be searching.

Use the app to find partners in your area to compete or practice with. Chat with partners ahead of time, log your match records, and gain access to training videos too!

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


SageDom – Free

TennisPALConnect with fellow coaches and players with TennisPAL. With the app, you gain a community of members to partner up and play with, teach, or learn from—both in-person and virtually.

Some of the best features include: finding nearby like-minded tennis players or coaches, finding local tennis courts with directions, booking games and tournaments, chatting with others, and sharing updates.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


Inlogic Software – Free

Tennis ClashFor those that love tennis and want to scratch that tennis itch from home, you’ll want to add Tennis Clash to your game folder. Quite challenging, Tennis Clash is a hard-to-master, multi-player game that you can invite Facebook friends to practice and play with you.

Here are some of the game highlights: play with your friend in real-time matches, collect all 10 characters and 54 special items, and play in a variety of arenas all around the world.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


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Bleachr LLC – Free

TennisONETennisOne is a comprehensive global score app that will keep you on your toes and in the know with tennis news. With the app you will get free and unlimited access to ATP and WTA news, live tennis scores, match stats, player notifications, bracket challenges, and more.

TennisOne is also used throughout the year as the “official app” for several premiere tournaments (including the Hall of Fame Open). And with this benefit, users also get in on match highlight videos, match streams, player press conferences, practice live streams, interviews and more.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

Coach’s Eye

TechSmith Corporation – Free

Coach's EyeCoach’s Eye is an app that coaches all over will want to snag—no matter the sport. It’s made for coaches and athletes who wish to review and analyze games or practice films. With the app’s tools, you’ll get better insight into these important sources of information.

This app also makes practices so much more helpful, by instantly showing players how to improve while they’re going through the motions.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


Kourts Sports – Free

Kourts InstructorLooking to play a round of tennis this weekend but have no idea where to go? With Kourts, you’ll have the info you need in no time. With this app, you can find and book local courts and matches within minutes.

Through the app you not only get the directions, but you can book and reserve too. There’s an easy modification or cancelation process without a phone call ever needing to be made. And you’ll be able to sift through both private and public clubs and courts.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


Man playing tennis on court

SwingVision: A.I. Tennis

Mangolytics – Free to download, $150 for a year as a pro member

SwingVisionLevel up your swing with this amazing technology. Start the video, then instantly review your swing and find out how to improve it based on the A.I. Tennis coaching and video analysis.

Its automated shot tracking will review your stroke type, spin type and ball speed, shot placement, contact and rally length, as well as footwork, pressure and positioning. And with the app, you can create easy highlight reels of some of your best work!

iOS Apple Store