Best Basketball Apps for iOS & Android

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Whether you’re a coach, a player, or a basketball lover, there are plenty of apps to stay in the game and stay in the loop. Check out 10 of the best basketball apps for iOS & Android below.

10 of the Best Basketball Apps for iOS & Android

The Athletic

The Athletic – $4.99/monthly with a 7-day free trial

The AthleticFor all the news you could want in the professional and college sports world, download The Athletic. Keep up with all the latest and greatest by snagging all of the coverage you’re looking for in one easy click.

Not only can you read updated reports, but you’ll be able to get in on the conversations too. Listen to podcasts, read expert analysis, enjoy real-time commentary, assess fantasy guides, and gain access to thousands of weekly reports and interviews.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

NBA Official

NBA Properties – Free

Live Games & ScoresIf you’re an NBA fan, there’s no reason not to ensure all the live games and action through their official app. With this free download, you instantly get access to the official NB schedule, scores, states, and standings—as well as game highlights, recaps, news articles, press conferences, and more.

And with an NBA League Pass upgrade, you will find ways to watch live games as well as download games when you’re out and about. There’s even a vault of archived footage and documentaries!

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


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Agile Sports – Free

HudlKnown for its use in the football world, Hudl is also a great app for basketball coaches to utilize. With the app, you can easily watch back and analyze footage from practices, scrimmages, or games. It’s an invaluable tool that gives great (and instant) insight to coaches and players alike.

With this app, all you have to do is hit record. You’re allowed to share videos, comment, create notes, and record data—as well as cut and edit video. It’s everything you need to prepare for practices, new plays, and huddles with the team.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

94 Feet of Game

Star Vizn Inc – Free

94FEETOFGAMEThere’s so much that this app can offer coaches and players alike. Once inside, you’ll get an inside look at training drills and workouts from “OG” Phil Handy alongside Steve Nash, Harrison Barnes, Jewell Loyd and more.

If you are a supporter of fundamentals first, this app pushes that same method while helping to revive the skills needed to be a true player of the game, including ball handling, shooting, strength & conditioning workouts and drills, defense strategy, ladder series workouts for home, cardio tips, and a “drill of the day” focus.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

Hustle Sports Training

Hustle Sports, Inc – Free

HustleThis is another great app for strength training and skill-based workouts for a variety of sports, including basketball. And the niche here is that all of the routines can be done in the comfort of your own home. Specifically, it’s designed for youth sports and run by college coaches, pro players, and veteran trainers.

As a coach, you may even want to use this app to snag practice plans for your team as it gives you access to tons of exclusive routines that the pros use. And for the players, your off season just became easier to manage with this space as a guide.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

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ShotTracker, Inc – Free

ShotTracker PlayerShotTracker gives players instant access to performance data. Up your game, truly, with the ability to quickly analyze your skills at practice or even during a match. This app gives you the ability to track your workouts, analyze your shooting stats, track percentages, log court time, and more.

There’s a social aspect of the space as well, where you can follow other ballers, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another inside the community.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

Pure Sweat

Pure Sweat Basketball Inc – $4.99/monthly

Pure Sweat Basketball WorkoutsWith this app, you have the opportunity to receive custom workouts based on what you need from NBA coach, Drew Hanlen. And it doesn’t even matter how long you’ve been playing or what your stats are, as the conditioning is meant for players at all levels.

You will be able to accomplish the workouts on your own or with a buddy, and each drill or exercise is led by Coach Hanlen himself, with both video and audio guidance. Workouts are tailored to fit any need—including time, as 15-minute quick routines to 60-minute full videos are available.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


Fitivity Inc – Free

Basketball TrainingAnother app that will get you in shape and ready for your next game. The app caters to all kinds of sports, including basketball, and gives the option of team workouts or even at home exercises individuals can do.

All skill sets are hit within the app so you can focus on any piece that you need to strengthen or refine including: dribbling, shooting, passing, post moves, and more. You’ll also have access to BEATS which is an additional, highly engaging exercise regime that will make your conditioning that much more fun.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

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DribbleUp Inc – Free with Smart Basketball (approx: $60)

DribbleUp Smart BasketballAlongside a DribbleUp smart basketball, the app unlocks an at-home training experience unlike any other. Athletes have a chance to take a variety of training classes, right at home, learning how to develop and fine-tune handling skills.

And although the entire idea was launched with training in mind, it’s also fun! It becomes a game that tricks athletes into practicing and refining their skillset more than ever.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


captureidea – Free

HomecourtBuild a better jumpshot with the Homecourt app. All you have to do is record yourself taking some shots and then the software will analyze what you’re doing. You’ll get constructive criticism in no time at all—as well as positive reinforcement.

The analytics will pay attention to everything from release to form to footwork and allow you to make changes and watch your improvement from the very beginning. Homecourt is used for improving your shooting skills but you can also level up your dribbling as well!

iOS Apple Store / Google Play