iPhone Photography Tips for Action Shots

Tips for Action Photos At Sporting Events (on Your iPhone)

When you are at sports events, it always seems that you have more “stuff” than you can carry, doesn’t it!?  We all want to capture our kiddos in action, but carrying around a big camera (or anything extra) can seem overwhelming.

If you own and iPhone (that’s what I have, so that’s what I know…sorry!) here are few apps and accessories that will help in capturing all those special moments.  If you own a phone, then chances are you have it with you 99% of the time.


It allows you take 3-9 frames within a second. You can also choose from a variety of effects and layouts.  Important thing to remember is that you have to save it immediately or you loose it!

photo (10)

Pros:  it’s FREE

Cons:   you can’t get a single shot,only multiple

Action Camera FREE

It allows you take photo sequences using three different speeds. It automatically saves each photo to your phone.  My suggestion is to use the “fast” setting to get the best action shots, but it will keep taking pictures until you hit the “stop.”  You can’t zoom with this app, but fortunately it takes fairly good photos, so you can edit them.

Here’s a photo before I edited it…

Before Cropping Photos

And after…

Cropping photos for better zoom

Pros:  it’s FREE, single shots

Cons: Ads at top of screen, can’t zoom


This app is not free, but for only $.99 it’s worth it! This app can take small, large, burst and timer shot modes. The thing I like best about this app is the ability to zoom and it will also automatically level photos in real time, while shooting…a feature perfect for action shots.

gyroLens app for iPhone

Pros:  Zoom capability

Cons:  the closest zoom pictures can be very grainy

Some other great apps that you might want to check are:  Photoburst ($.99), QuadCamera ($.99),  Camera Awesome (FREE) and SnappyCam Pro ($.99)

iPhone Apps Great for Taking Action Shots from Sports Mom Survival Guide