5 Reasons Your Child Should Play Sports


Youth Sports can be both a big time investment and financial investment in our kids. As we write check after check so that our kids can play, there may be thoughts that run through your mind:

  • is this the best use of my child’s time, if they don’t plan to play in college?
  • is this my best financial decision?
  • is my child over committed by playing sports?
  • and the list could go on….

Ultimately, allowing your child to participate in youth sports is a “best yes” decision! Sports can teach your child a number of things that you, as a parent, cannot.

5 Reasons Your Child Should Play Sports


Working together as a team can only be learned by participating in a group event. Teamwork allows kids to use practice and determination along with cooperation in order to reach goals the group has set together. The leadership skills of each child will emerge and roles will naturally occur: encourager, organizer, initiated, delegator and more.


In this day an age of “every kid gets a trophy” just because they played we need to remember that Competition is a healthy part of life. It is quickly learned through sports and allows kids to set goals and in turn push the limits to reach their goals. This cannot be taught!


Over the past 30 years, childhood obesity has more than doubled! According to the Center for Disease Control, more that one-third of all kids and teens are overweight or obese. Our kids need to start healthy habits at a young age so that they will continue them into adulthood. If our kids know what it feels like to look and feel great this will help deter them from choosing bad habits in the future, such as drinking, smoking and not exercising.


Research has shown that kids who are physically active perform better academically. According to Matthew Irvin, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of South Carolina, and the lead author of an Academics study from the University of South Carolina, “Team sport is significantly related to higher grade-point averages and a higher likelihood of completing high school and enrolling in college.”


Playing sports on a team allows kids to not only build relationships with their like-minded peers but also encourages them to use coping skills in order to get along and work together for a common goal. Skills such as leadership, empathy and integrity are developed on the field.

If you are ever hesitant to say “no” when your child asks to play a sport, remember that all of the effort and time on both your part and your child’s part will help them become more successful adults.