Summer Jobs for Teens

Is your teen looking for a way to make money this summer? Check out this awesome list of 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens for lots and lots of great options!
Is your teen looking for a way to make money this summer? Check out this awesome list of 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens for lots and lots of great options!

If your teens are home this summer and NEED something to do…send them out to get a job and make some money!  There is no reason for them to waste away in front of video games or texting their friends all summer long.

Teens have the ability to take some of their free time and make it productive! Whether they decide to volunteer or get a job that pays money, they will have a great time interacting with others, learning new skills or even teaching their skills to someone else!

Allow your teen to be creative in the job they choose

…working retail isn’t for everyone!  If teens find jobs that interest them, they will gladly go to work and not complain about getting off the couch!

10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens


1. Work Retail

This is the classic, first thing a teen thinks of when thinking about getting a job.  Working at the mall! It’s not for everyone, but teens that have a social personality are well suited for this type of job.  Finding a store that sells something they like, i.e., clothes, sporting goods, a bike shop, etc. is even more appealing.


2. Food Service

There are lots of jobs available in the food service industry.  This doesn’t mean just working the drive-thru window at your local fast food restaurant. There are other options such as being a host/hostess, a barista, being a server or even working banquets for a food service company.


3. Nanny

With so many dual working parents, when school is out, these parents need help. Many young kids don’t want to go to day camps all summer long, but would prefer to stay home with a nanny so they can swim, ride bikes, play outside and still be at home. This is a big responsibility, but mature teens can handle the job and would appreciate the great income.


4. Tutor

There are many elementary students who need to either keep up their school skills over the summer or improve in a particular subject.  If your teen is an excellent student, they are perfectly suited to tutor younger children.


5. Give Lessons

Does your teen have a skill that others are trying to learn?  Have them send out a flyer and let people know that they are offering lessons!  Valued skill sets include teaching the following lessons: swim, piano, voice or sports (i.e., basketball  shooting technique, baseball pitching or hitting, etc).

Teens can teach regular weekly lessons to kids to earn a steady summer income.


6. Life Guard

If you love being outdoors and can handle noisy kids, this is a great job! Once certified there are pool companies that will hire teens to work at the pools they manage.


7. Mow Lawns

This is a great consistent job. Line up a number of lawns to mow and your teen could be making a couple of grand each summer! Teens can also decide their hours…as long as they get the job done.


8. Golf Caddy

There are definitely pros and cons with caddying. Teens get to pick what days they work, the pay can be extremely great and most clubs offer playing privileges on Mondays (when most clubs are closed)!  On the other hand, in hot temps this job can be exhausting and there may be days you show up and are not needed.


9. Umpire/Referee

If your teen loves sports, he or she can be an umpire for baseball or a referee for soccer or basketball. The pay is fantastic, even for teens as young as 12, 13 or 14! There are lots of other sports-like jobs available for teens as well.  Check out this list of the Top 10 Jobs in Sports for Pre-Teens & Teens.


10. Camp Counselor

There are camps everywhere that need teens to be counselors.  Depending on how adventurous your teen is, they can be a counselor at a day camp, a sports camp, special needs camp or even an over-night camp.