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We are accessible globally for innovative coaches with tennis drills, advice, and the fundamentals of kids, youth and adult tennis coaching.

Here you will find a library of 1000+ free drills and games with organized graphics and video animation. You can utilize our search tool and access the exercises by topic, age group or skill level to narrow down your search results.

The site contains drills focusing on technical, tactical, physical and mental drills along with other information related to coaching and instructing the great game of tennis. There are many benefits of having fun tennis drills for kids, in order to help them learn tennis at a young age.

It’s essential that fun and enjoyment are at the centre of learning for any child who is introduced to the game, and one key area that ensures kids have a fun time in their tennis development is through tennis drills and games. Many successful professional tennis players started to learn tennis at a very young age even at 2-3 years old, so the earlier a child can start to swing a racquet and develop a love for the game the better!

Tennis Drills For Every Level

Find numerous effective tennis drills that anybody can do on a court. Fortunately tennis allows itself to a variety of options for practice, both with racket and ball or without. With many great tennis drills, a coach or friend is needed to feed you balls to get as many repetitions as possible in short amount of time.

Tennis Basics Drills

Groundstrokes Drills

Groundstrokes Drills

Groundstroke drills are executed in tennis schools globally. Practicing groundstroke drills can have an enormous impact. ​Utilize our drills to strengthen your groundstroke variability and precision.

Tennis Serve Drills

Tennis Serve Drills

​All points during a tennis match start on a first serve, consequently if one wants to be able to hold his ground on the court, then he has to master the tennis serve as fast as possible. Get cracking now.

Tennis Volley Drills

Tennis Volley Drills

​Many passionate, beginning tennis players ask themselves: “What exactly is the tennis volley and how is it executed?” Here we try to give you the answers and drills to perfect that particular skill.

Tennis Fitness Drills

Tennis Fitness Drills

We have designed dozens of fitness drills just for you. Tennis requires so many components as performance, including strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, flexibility, and endurance.

Drills by Skill Level

10 Years & Under Drills

10 Years & Under Drills

These drills demonstrate tennis to kids based on age, body size and skill level. As an early player we focus a lot on core exercises and techniques.

Tennis Beginner Drills

Beginner Drills

Many young players and coaches out there want to play or teach tennis, but don’t know where to start. We built a manual on how to coach beginners.

Tennis Intermediate Drills

Intermediate Drills

Intermediate tennis players wants to become advanced. They stagnate in development because of lack of understanding of tennis principles.

Tennis Advanced Drills

Advanced Drills

This series of advanced tennis drills will support all coaches in progressing their players accuracy, consistency and overall strength.​ We get into tougher drills here.

Best Tennis Coaching Articles, Tips & Advice

Here at SportsMomSurvivalGuide we’re committed to providing quality training plans, coaching manuals and videos that are relevant to coaches. Regardless if you are teaching, or just getting started with tennis and searching for a few basic drills, our tennis drills are for all skill levels, ages and on all topics. Browse the world’s largest video collection of tennis drills and advice that can be found online.

In these articles we cover the basics like how to think about tennis technique which is a vital ingredient of the game that distinguishes top tennis pros from those at the recreational and club level. Techniques of the forehand, backhand and serve are key to be mastered and the details matter a lot. We also dive into tennis tactics and help you think about playing an intelligent game which includes understanding your strengths and weaknesses and applying tactics and strategies to outwit opponents.

Mental toughness is crucial, so we have a few posts that cover how to use his mind to handle adversity during a match. It involves elements beyond basic strokes that affect the outcome of a match. The role of parents on the junior circuit is a key aspect of player development, and coaches often discover themselves looking for the most effective way to deal with parents and teach them about their role in the development of up coming tennis players.