Weekly Menu Planning and PRINTABLE Grocery List

free weekly menu plan and grocery list

Weekly menu planning can make your life less stressful! We will make that process even easier with menus and printable shopping lists delivered to you inbox!

One of my hardest daily jobs is figuring out what we are going to eat for dinner.  We are busy in the evenings and having a sit down meal is not always an option.  I have found that if I can just take a little time to plan ahead, I am a lot less stressed out about dinner AND I save money.  (Weekly menu planning can also save you money by not “running to the store for just a few items” everyday or eating out.)  I truly believe that menu planning is one of the best places to start in your quest to get your life organized.

SO we have decided to do a 4 week trial of weekly meals.  We will give you the main course for five meals that you can spread throughout the week and a PRINTABLE shopping list to make planning a breeze!  You will be responsible for your side dishes. 😉

The way it will work is that we will give you links to recipes and attach a printable grocery list for you to take to the store.   We’ll try to do a combination of crock-pot meals and quick meal (30-45 minutes or less).


Click on the image below to print the shopping list:

Grocery list for Weekly Meal Planning

After the 4 week trial, if we have enough people interested we will make it a permanent weekly resource.   If you would like to receive our weekly menus, please sign up for our newsletter because after today we will only have it available through email.  We will send out the following weeks list on Fridays directly to your inbox.  This will give you the entire weekend to get the groceries needed for the following week.

We would love to hear your thoughts…what types of dishes would like to see more of, do you like crock-pot or quick meals better, what is your families favorite meat and anything else you want us to know!
free weekly menu plan and grocery list