10 Ways to Avoid the Holiday 10# Gain

Looking to keep the weight off this holiday season? Follow these 10 ways to avoid the holiday 10 pound gain and you will both feel and look better when the season is over!
Looking to keep the weight off this holiday season? Follow these 10 ways to avoid the holiday 10 pound gain to feel and look better when the season is over!

The holidays are coming, the holidays are here. So how do we stay on our fitness plans and avoid the “Holiday 10”?

There are many ways to get into the habit of taking care of you. The “I’ll worry about in January mindset” is dangerous and can bring about a “Well, I better eat this while I can” type of action. Getting ahead of it now will put you that much further into your journey, so when 2015 rolls around, you’ll be full steam ahead.

So where to start?

1. Know your why! 

Why do you want and need to take care of yourself? Who is depending on your wellness? Write it down and put value to it.

2. Be ok with being a priority in your life!


People need you. You have responsibilities, roles and purpose to fulfill. “Take care of you so you can take care of others” is an excellent motto to adopt. I have!

3. Sketch out your goals and put them into action!

5-10 challenging, yet realistic goals will help you see yourself in a whole new light. A written plan with benchmark steps can enable you to accomplish anything. If you’re desiring to drink more water daily, for example, set a goal for that quantity with a date to achieve it by and then slowly increment it up off your current baseline until you get there.

4. Be aware of what you eat.


Life is no longer about going on a diet. It’s about making wellness a lifestyle. Maybe you aren’t a food tracker, but taking a few days to write down all that you eat is awareness to your habits. Being attentive to what your body needs for fuel for your goals (fat loss, maintenance, muscle building) is a huge factor in your progress. I track my food and encourage my Nutritional Coaching Clients to use the My Fitness Pal app and website to stay within a daily caloric or macronutrient (carbs, fats, proteins, fiber) goals.

5. Keep the balance!

When you’re at a party or special event, enjoy the fun fare in reason, but prior to and after, aim to eat as many whole foods and fiber-rich options as possible to offset the calorie-dense treats.

6. Drink your water!


75% of Americans are dehydrated. If you do nothing else, simply drinking more water daily can increase your energy, improve mental clarity, and attend to many ailments that often go mistreated as other issues. Aim for .5 to 1 ounces per gram of your body weight. Water is your friend

7. Lift weights!

Some cardio is good, but putting your body under tension on various body parts will add shape, definition, improved metabolism, and lowered body fat over time. It changed my physique for sure, so I have to spread the lifting love. My motto, Lift like a girl!

8. Get your sleep!

The hardest part for me was shutting the day down at the end of the night and getting the sleep I needed. I loved the quiet of a calm house when all others were in bed, but I was doing myself a disservice staying up until the wee hours of the night. When I started regularly getting 7-9 hours nightly, then my body repaired itself with the all-important sleep hormones that my system desperately needed. If nothing else goes as planned, focus on the sleep!

9. Accountability Rocks!

There are so many options to have accountability with your wellness. Plan and prep meals with a friend, workout with a spouse, or weigh in to a Wellness Coach. Just realize you don’t have to go at this alone!

10. Patience + Consistency + Time are your friends!


There are no quick results and anything worth having is worth the wait. Avoid fast fixes and know that your consistency over time is the secret to your success. You may have been a start-and-stop kind of person in the past, but it is NEVER too late to {re}start. Just decide to give it a go and stay the course. You are truly worth it!

So taking all this in and expecting to make a huge shift at once is pretty unrealistic. Start small, work one item at a time, and gradually add more change when you’re ready. Ultimately, believe in yourself and be your own #1 Fan.