Baseball Survival Bag Essentials


Ever leave home for a game or practice and forget something? The Baseball Survival Bag Essentials list helps you be prepped for every baseball game!

Preparation seems to be the key to surviving sports mom life!  Wouldn’t you say?!?  If you’ve ever been at a game or practice and forgot something important, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  We all leave the house in a hurry and 9 times out of 10 times forget something.  Most of the time it is a non-essential item but every now and then it’s something important like SHOES!! 😉

Our little secret for being  prepared without having to remember every little thing that you need is…a sports survival bag.  The best “practice” for any sports season is to set up a bag that has everything you will or might need for the season.   It should be a bag that you can just grab and go without having to pack every time.

Baseball Survival Bag Essentials

This list is comprised of suggestions from many of readers:

  • instant cold pack
  • first aid kit/ibuprofen/band-aids
  • tissues
  • wet wipes
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • blanket
  • umbrella
  • chair
  • extra hat/sunglasses/ponytail holder 


  • extra ball
  • Sharpie
  • sunflower seeds
  • empty water bottle (in case you forget to pack water…you can always find a hose or bathroom)
  • Gatorade single packets to add to water
  • peroxide spray (will get blood out of uniforms if an accident happens)
  • camera
  • stadium seats
  • essential oils 
  • Frogg Togg (cooling towel)
  • Stat book
  • Under The Weather tent


  • piece of wood and ace bandage (in case of injury)
  • clipboard with all the parents’ phone numbers
  • sticky notes
  • stat books

Remember the Perishable Items

  • SNACKS (we have some great suggestions for how to pack them HERE and what to pack HERE)
  • WATER, WATER and more WATER

To help you remember the things that can’t always stay in the bag, use this FREE printable and attach it to the bag.  We suggest covering it clear packing tape or laminating it so it doesn’t tear.


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Baseball Survival Guide

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Are we missing anything?  Let us know!!

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