Folding Wagon: A Kid’s Sport Necessity

Folding Wagon A Kid's Sport Necessity

Are your kids busy with sports and you are lugging everything to the field. Grab this Folding Wagon A Kid's Sport Necessity! It will simply kids sports.

Our boys have all been heavily involved in sports since the first possible moment they were able to play organized sports. With the boys being so close in age we have pretty much nixed they option for travel simply because we are outnumbered!

Last year, though, we told told boys they could play on the travel All-Star Baseball team. These teams only play for 6 weeks and we decided this would give us a good glimpse into the travel baseball world.

I quickly learned that the tournaments every weekend are LONG! I was packing a ton of stuff to get us through 10 hour days at the ball fields: chairs, hats, baseball bags, snacks, coolers of water and lunches, magazines (you know, for all that downtime in between games!), sunscreen, umbrellas and more! I felt like a pack rat lugging stuff from the car to field and then on to a different field.

The Folding Wagon is a Kid’s Sport Necessity!

I was definitely not equipped like the veteran travel parents!  Many of them had these folding wagons. Genius! They pulled them out of the back of their vans, popped them open and voila! They filled it with all the “necessary stuff”!

Folding Wagon: A Kid's Sport Necessity

I knew that this year, with our oldest in full time travel I could not live without the most helpful wagon!  Sam’s Club has them available here. But for all of you Amazon lovers, you can grab the same wagon here.

The wagon is super easy to open and close:

Folding Wagon A Kid's Sport Necessity

 There is also a feature to snap in the handle so it’s not constantly hitting the ground when not in use. The toggle inside the wagon pulls up which easily folds the wagon in no time at all!

Folding Wagon A Kid's Sport Necessity

I love the drink holder feature!

Folding Wagon A Kid's Sport Necessity

 It’s also possible to pull the wagon in a closed position:

Folding Wagon is a perfect solution for holding all sports equipment

 If you need to simplify life at ball games, this investment in the folding wagon will make life tons easier! Once the wagon is loaded up, even your kids can pull it in tow, leaving you with free hands!