Creative Activities for Kids at Sports Events | ages 4-6

Find 7 Creative Activities for Kids at Sports Events for ages 4-6!!

If you are a parent with multiple kids, and one or more of them are in some type of sport, then you have probably had the almost impossible task of keeping someone “happy” during a game or practice.  We have come up with some activities to pass the time that we hope you and your kids will like!

This will be a three part series for different age groups and today we are focusing on 4-6 years old.

Here are 7 creative activities for kids at sports events:

  • Grab-n-Go Art Supplies:  A small coloring book and a few crayons are all you need.  Most kids love to create and this will keep them still and quite for at least a few minutes.  With kids that can read, I love our doodle book that has prompts for them to draw.  My kids have these two books that they love: Do You Doodle? and Oodles of Doodles
  • Sidewalk Chalk:  You don’t need a whole box of chalk, but a piece or two can give you a few minutes to actually watch your other child on the field!  This activity is really only good if you are outside around concrete but can be a great way to pass the time!
  • Pipe Cleaners:  A few pipe cleaners can make for a fun creative play time.  Kids can make shapes and characters out them.  The best part is you can take it apart and start over.
  • Pipe Cleaners with beads:  If your child is learning how to add and/or subtract this could be a fun exercise.  Just take a pipe cleaner and add some beads.  Have your child use them to make easy math problems!  They fit easily in your purse and can be used over and over.
  • Bubbles:  Kids love bubbles and they are super easy to keep in your purse.  This activity can really only be done at an outdoor event that you are in grass, like a soccer game or baseball practice.  You will need a pretty big area, so you don’t distract others around you but this could keep them busy for hours.
  •  If you child is old enough to read, a new book is a great way to keep them occupied!  Here is a great list by age for beginning chapter books from Imagination Soup.  Don’t forget your public library is always a great place to find new books! 🙂
  •  If your kids like to play “I Spy” or the license plate game, then chances are they like “Where’s Waldo.”  We have put together a pretty generic game of “Find the Fan” that you can print and take with you!  Get a FREE download version below!

Find the FAN free printable

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Do you have any other great ideas for this age group?!?

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