21 Kid Activities for Holiday Gatherings

Find 21 Kid Activities for Holiday Gatherings. Keep the kids happy at your next family or friend holiday get-together.

The holidays are approaching quickly!  I absolutely love this time of year with all the family and friend gatherings that surround each season.

Kids play a big part in each get-together but they don’t necessarily enjoy spending time with the adults…AND if we are completely honest most of us adults prefer when the kids are playing together nicely by themselves. 😉  So we have come up 21 Kid Activities for Holiday Gatherings :

1.  Lego Station

Most kids love to create.  Get out the Legos and let them have fun.  You could set  a theme and have each kid make their own version.

2.  Play-dough Station

Here’s a recipe for homemade play-dough.

3. Printable Scavenger Hunt

Check out these pre-made scavenger hunts for most holidays.


4.  Tournaments:  ping-pong, pool, foosball, cards, pinball, Wii games

 Use things you already have to set up a tournament.  You could even have your kids make a tournament board.

5.  Craft Station

 The dollar store is a great place to find inexpensive crafts.  Grab a few an put them on a table with crayons, markers, and scissors.

6.  Family Bingo

Here are some free bingo printables.

7.  Puzzles

A large puzzle is a great way to spend time together as a family.  This is best for a small group and not a larger group.

8.  Pencil and Paper Games

Here’s a great list of paper games like dots and squares, and hangman.

9.  Video Fun

Set up an area for the kids to make videos using a phone or tablet.  Here are some apps that my kids like to use:  Green Screen App, Levitagram

10.  Card Games

Have the kids play good old fashion card games.  You can find a list of rules for most games HERE.

11.  DIY balance beam

Pull out the masking tape and put some lines down on the floor. Have the kids take turns walking the “beam” and have it get harder each time by having them walk backwards or balance with one foot on the line.

12.  Create a Family Tree

While the family is all together, have the kids put together a family tree.  Have them take pictures of each person and be creative in designing and decorating a family tree.

13.  Treasure Hunt

This will take a little preparation but is a lot of fun.  Set up clues throughout the house or backyard.  You could have the prize be something as simple as a cupcake or popsicle.

14.  Simon Says

Simon Says is always a fun way to pass the time with kids.

15.  Cookie Decorating

Have the cookies already baked and put out different decorating toppings.  Let each kid design their own cookie.

16.  Outdoor Sports Games

This will depend on weather conditions but there are a lot of fun activities for to do outside:  football, soccer, corn hole, jump rope, chuck-a-ball, croquet, and badminton…just to name a few.

17.  Building

Use plastic cups, cards, popsicle sticks or any objets you have around the house and have the kids build.

18.  Put on a Play, Paper Bag Skit, or Puppet Show

For the paper bag skit, divide the kids up into groups. Give each group a bag filled with props, like as a spoon, toy jewelry, a sock, ball or hats. Then give them 10-15 minutes to construct a skit around the props.

19.  Fashion Show

My girls LOVE doing this one.  If you have a box of costumes or some old clothes, just let them have fun.

20.  Board Games

For a great list of games perfect for elementary up, check out this list.


21.  White Elephant Gift Exchange

Make it specific for holiday.  Let all the kids know in advance and have each one bring their white elephant gift wrapped.

Holidays should be a fun time for family and/or friends to relax and have fun together.  Make your next gathering something that the kids talk about and look forward to doing every year.

 Find 21 Kid Activities for Holiday Gatherings. Keep the kids happy at your next family or friend holiday get-together.