Soccer 1v1 Four Cone Goals Training Drill

1v1 Four Cone Goals

Soccer 1v1 drills like this one are great for focusing on teaching players attacking skills such as taking on their opponent or learning to attack space.

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Basic Information

Age Group (5-7yrs) (8-11yrs) (12-15yrs) (16-Adult)
Number of Players 6+
Difficulty Easy-Medium
Time 10-15 min.
Emphasis: dribbling, attacking, defending

Field Preparation:

  • grid (30yds x 30yds)
  • cones to mark off area
  • 4x cone goals (3-4yds)
  • pinnies
  • good supply of balls for continuous play


  • play 1v1
  • players can score by dribbling through any cone goal
  • coach distributes ball
  • play continues until goal is scored or ball goes out of bounce


  • play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 etc.
  • each team is assigned two goals
  • vary ways of distribution (high, low, thrown etc.)
  • players score by stopping the ball dead on opponent’s goal line
  • play without cone goals where players score by stopping the ball dead on one of the two opponent’s assigned end lines
  • adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group if necessary

Coaching Points:

  • close control
  • set up defender
  • seal off defender
  • change of speed & direction
  • protect the ball
  • decision making
  • verbal and visual communication

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