Soccer 3v2 Multi Ball Attack Training Drill

3v2 Multi Ball Attack

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Basic Information

Age Group: (5-7yrs) (8-11yrs) (12-15yrs)
Number of Players: 9+
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Time: 10-15 min.
Emphasis: Finishing, Attacking, Defending

Field Preparation:

  • 1 goal with goalie
  • good supply of cones
  • good supply of balls for continuous play
  • pinnies


  • three attackers dribble simultaneously at two defenders attempting to finish on goal
  • the defenders try to prevent attackers from scoring


  • allow an attacking player to support another attacker once he is rid of the ball
  • play 2v1, 3v1, 3v3, 4v2, 4v3 etc.
  • adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

Coaching Points:


  • quick finish
  • deception
  • setting up defender
  • quality of preparation touch
  • contact surface
  • aggressive and positive mentality
  • placement versus power


  • control and restraint
  • delay and channel
  • angle and distance of cover
  • changing role of pressure and cover
  • visual and verbal communication

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