Soccer Attacking Principles Training Drill

Attacking Principles

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  • look to go forward past opposing players by shooting, dribbling, running, passing
  • always try to score (if you can’t score look to make a pass – if a pass isn’t possible look to advance the ball by dribbling or running)


  • support teammates by providing communication, creating passing options and opportunities for playing the ball forward, and creating numerical superiority (get open with good angle and distance of support, get goal-side etc.)
  • help the ball carrier by moving to a position where you can either receive a pass or draw opponents away from an area the ball carrier is running into
  • provide all around support and options for the ball carrier for both forward
  • spread out in all directions and stretch out opposition (unbalance defense)
  • and safe backward passes
  • look to combine (wall pass, overlap runs, take overs etc.)
  • use supporting players to change point of attack


  • create working space for first attacker by changing position and drawing defenders out of their positions (create gaps and unbalance defense)
  • runs off the ball to create good passing angle and distance for advancement/possession or scoring opportunity for first attacker
  • runs off the ball to create numerical advantage and provide opportunities for scoring, advancement or possession


  • use the full width of the field (players with or without the ball) and force opposition to open gaps by drawing defenders out of the middle and thus creating spaces for players to move into and advance


  • create opportunities for advancement, possession and scoring by making use of dynamic team actions (combinations etc.) and individual skills such as feints and fakes
  • make the attack unpredictable to break down defenses through creativity and surprise in the right place of the field (creative movement on and off the ball)