Tennis Racket 101: What to Consider When Buying Your Child’s First Racket

Young Child Playing Tennis

Is your kiddo ready to hit the court? Is he or she starting some lessons and in need of their own gear? We’re here to give you a quick 411 on everything a burgeoning tennis start needs to know about the racket.

When you begin your search for the perfect child racket, there are several points to consider. From the size to the strings, let’s have a look at what you need to pay attention to.

Sizing Is Important

Of course, the size of the racket will be the most important and there are some basic guidelines that will help you begin your search. Sizing charts help (they go mostly by age and height) but check out our quick and easy tips as well.


Choosing the correct length for your kid’s racket is essential for his or her time on the court. The height of your child will help to determine the appropriate length and currently: kids’ rackets come in several different sizes including 19, 21, and 25 (inches).

A quick way to “check” the length of the racket (besides using a simple sizing chart) is to do a quick little test. Have your tennis star stand straight up while you place the racket at their side – with the handle facing upwards. Then have them place their palm on top of the handle and see how the arm naturally rests. If it’s extended nicely and resting then the length is probably good to go. If not, and his or her arm is bent then you’ll want to try again.


The grip is another important piece of the puzzle when searching for the perfect racket. Too small or too big can affect gameplay so it’s imperative that you find the right hold. Although, when it comes to youth rackets, grip size doesn’t tend to vary – sitting mostly around 4 inches (the circumference of the handle).

Sometimes though grips can be too small in a child’s racket, and when that’s the case you can add an overgrip to help out.

Strings Matter

Strings definitely matter when it comes to a tennis racket and playtime, but you don’t have to fret too much about them. The more advanced your player gets, the more you’ll have to worry about this detail but in the beginning, the size is the most important and necessary finding.

The strings matter because of the tension of the frame. Your child’s coach can guide you in the best direction when it comes to string choice or even re-stringing a racket once your athlete begins to advance.

3 Top-Rated Child Tennis Rackets To Buy

Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racket

Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racket

  • Buy: Amazon
  • Price: $19.99
  • Approved for age 10 and under

This is one of the most ideal choices for kids just starting out in the tennis world. There are several different sizes to choose from to meet your little one’s needs as well as colors to personalize their playtime a bit more. It’s also a lightweight design that’s perfect for those perfecting their swing.

Street Tennis Club Racket

Street Tennis Club Racket

  • Buy: Amazon
  • Price: $22.99 – $23.99
  • Available in 3 youth sizes

This racket was made for those developing and honing their young tennis skills. Coming in three sizes with a charming happy face, it’s a perfect choice for our child stars. And it’s available in a couple different colors as well; yellow and black or pink and white!

HEAD Speed 23 Junior Tennis Racket

HEAD Speed 23 Junior Tennis Racket

The HEAD Speed racket also coming in a variety of sizes to help fit your child comfortably. The grip sits at a standard of 3 ⅝ inches and the reviews from parents are outstanding. It’s a lightweight design, perfect for smaller players, and it’s an affordable option for a first-timer.