14 Indoor Exercises for Kids

Children doing yoga poses on rubber mat

Whether you are stuck inside due to unforeseen circumstances or just want to find a way to break a sweat when the rain hits, there are so many different ways to get those little ones’ blood pumping and energy expelled!

Use the tips, tricks, and activities below to create a daily routine, add to one you have already established, or find a new way to make an afternoon break from online schooling more lively! Scroll through our favorite finds; and some traditional moves as well. There are 14 exercises for kids that you will want to try or have peace of mind that they work for growing bodies – helpful videos included!

Twist Jumps

Improve agility and motor function with indoor twist jumps! This exercise can easily be customized and made to become more rigorous or little kid-friendly as well. Add in toys for an extra bout of fun and an “obstacle course” feel.

Directions: Have the kids stand with their legs shoulder-length width apart. Once they jump, have them twist their body 180 degrees while ending in the position they began their jump in (a traditional squat). When they finish their twist jump, if done correctly, they will be in the opposite position they were when they started.

Youtube Video – How to do Twist Jumps:


Yoga is good for any age and every kind of body. Find Youtube videos or stream segments that are tailored to the kids. Their bodies are more flexible than adults, so they may be better adept at the exercises than you may think. It’s also a great way to calm the little ones down and center their energy.

Directions: Some of the most kid-friendly poses include: the bridge, downward facing dog, warrior, and cobra.

Youtube Video – Yoga for Kids:

Tape-Shape Games & Courses

Create an obstacle course out of painter’s or washi tape! You may have seen this trend with sidewalk chalk, but you can create that same fun and exercise inside the house as well. Loops, sprints, zig-zags, and jumping jacks can all be included.

Directions: Create symbols with your tape that correlate to different exercises. Boxes may be jumping jacks and a circle may be a twist jump, for example. Crab walks, sprints, and even one-legged hops can be included too.

Youtube Video – Tape Obstacle Course :

Push-Ups / Sit-Ups

Traditional exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups are a great way to get your kiddos’ cores strengthened. And they’re so easy to add to a daily routine or to get a quick exercise in for excess energy’s sake – you just need some carpet or a yoga mat!

Directions: Do reps of 10-15 of each. Add into any exercise routine and make sure to stretch beforehand. You can simplify the push-up by doing a modified knee.

Youtube Video – How to do Pushups:

Youtube Video – How to do Situps:

Jump Rope

If you have the space, grab the jump rope! This is a great cardio workout for any age and it’s a lot of fun for the little ones. It works great to strengthen coordination, agility, and motor skills as well.

Directions: Use jump ropes as a warm-up exercise or as a full, cardio routine (check out the Youtube video for ideas. A consistent 1-2 minutes warms the muscles up nicely.

Youtube Video – Fun Jump Rope Workout for Kids:

Mountain Climbers

Use this exercise to give your little ones a chance to build strength in their arms and legs. Your kids will pretend to climb up mountains while focusing on their core as well as getting a quick cardio exercise woven into their schedule.

Directions: Have your child lay face down on the floor. They will then push on with their hands until they are in a push-up position, arms shoulder-length a part. They will then use their legs to “climb” up the mountain – or the floor. The quicker, the better!

Youtube Video – How to do Mountain Climbers:

Crab Walking

This is another fun activity to add to an obstacle course or as a way to get out excess energy. They’ll be on all fours and giggling alot – so make sure there’s enough space for them to work! It’s a great way to work on agility as well – it’s a great upper body workout that crushes calories too.

Directions: With your back to the floor, you will use your feet and hands to “walk.” Hips will need to be raised so the back is lifted completely off of the floor’s surface. You can do laps or have your kids do “sprints” across the carpet.

Youtube Video – How to do Crab Walks:

Balloon Volleyball

Monkey in the middle just got a lot more indoor friendly. Use a balloon to play (and keep all the stuff inside the house safe). It’s a fun game for kids to enjoy while indoors but also gets their blood pumping and motor skills strengthened.

Directions: Use a barrier as the “net” and then play volleyball! There should be two teams – of at least a person a piece – and the goal is to keep the balloon from touching the ground.

Youtube Video – Balloon Volleyball for Kids:


This is another traditional exercise that works well indoors and for kids. This will help build strength in their core, legs, and their glutes. Add this to their daily routine!

Directions: Have the little ones keep their back straight and pretend they are going to sit in a chair – while keeping their arms out to their side. They will only bend at the knee and try to stay as steady as possible.

Youtube Video – How to do Squats:


Why not teach your kiddos to do some Zumba? There are so many great workouts to stream and they’re full body, cardio workouts that anyone can hop in and give a go! They’ll have fun while getting their blood pumping.

Directions: Zumba is a dance-based workout that has varying levels. Find a video that the kids can follow along with – starting with a beginner or novice level.

Youtube Video – Zumba for Kids:

Stair Stepping

Stair-stepping is another easy exercise that kids can do at home. Use a step-stool or the actual stairs in the house to get their bodies warmed up and their lengths stronger. There are even complete stair workouts that the kids can try!

Directions: There are plenty of different exercises that one can do in terms of stair stepping. Choose one – or several – that you can weave into a daily routine including calf raises or classic stair climbing.

Youtube Video – How to do Step Exercises:

Jumping Jacks

Another traditional workout that’s good for anyone’s body is the jumping jack. It’s a great warm-up and a great way to get a bout of cardio infused into the day. And you can do these wherever you please!

Directions: A classic jumping jack can be done by standing up and raising your arms into the arm. You will bend your knees, just a bit, and jump into the air. Upon jumping, your legs should spread apart while your arms stretch out over your head.

Youtube Video – How to do Jumping Jacks:


Kickboxing is another great indoor exercise that kiddos can participate in. Find a local gym or start learning at home. It’s imperative that you follow every precaution and children take the learning seriously – for both safety and respect of the sport.

Directions: Find an instructor that can be a mentor. There are a variety of ways to stream different workouts but a in-person coach is the best route to take when learning the basics of the sport.

Youtube Video – Kickboxing for Kids:


And finally, here is another great exercise that you can incorporate into a kid’s daily workout routine – both indoor and out! These are great for those that want to level up their agility skills as well as stamina in the gym, on the court, or even on the field.

Directions: Squat, push the feet back while bracing on the floor with your hands, jump the feet back forward, and jump into the air. Voila!

Youtube Video – How to do Burpees: