22 Great Exercises for Hockey Players

hockey practice

On the ice, off the ice, at home, or in the gym, there are so many different areas and ways to include great hockey-oriented exercises to your players’ workout routine. Whether you include this in Wednesday night practice or have your team infuse this into their solo plans, every one of these regimens will help to strengthen, fine-tune, and amp up their abilities.

We’ve gushed out 10 off-ice hockey drills before, but today we’ve made a list of 22 great exercises for hockey players. Sure, some of these can be used for all sorts of athletes, but there’s something specific to each of these chores that will help our stick and puck handlers. Some of these are more appropriate for our older players, think high school and beyond, whereas others can be easily practiced by all.

22 Great Exercises for Hockey Players

Basic Stickhandling

Take a look at this YouTube video to check out some basic stickhandling skills that you and the kiddos can work on when you’re off the ice. There are a variety of different specific exercises that you’ll be able to practice, including three-puck handling, three-way handling, and the mayhem drill. Learn more about stickhandling here.

Striding Lunges

Striding lunges are a great way to build lower body strength – which we know is essential to a hockey players training goals. Done easily both on and off the ice, it’s an easy exercise to incorporate into a weekly routine.

Running Sprints

The answer is yes, and this video will lay out the reasons and importance of why. Hill sprints, short sprints, endurance is the key. Sprints should definitely be incorporated into practice and workout regimens.

Single Leg Squats

It’s imperative that hockey players not only have control of their lengths, but they have strengths. With single leg squats, you’ll build up that strength. And thanks to Reebok and this video you’ll get an insider’s glance into how to do it all the right – and safe – ways.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Instead of going with a traditional bench press, hockey players should take up the dumbbell bench press. Weight is distributed more evenly through both arms this way. There won’t be an unwanted strain, a higher chance of hurting, and more of a chance of strengthening what needs to be strengthened.

Backward Sled Drag

A wonderful training drill for players of all ages, the sled drag will increase both speed and strength. This particular exercise will help build the quadriceps – in particularly the inner thigh near the knee – which is essential for hockey players and their balance.

Figure 8’s

No ice is needed to practice some Figure 8s either, you just need your stick! Watch the video and see how you’ll be practicing how to handle your puck and stick within a Figure 8 shape. This helps with handling both pieces as well as defensive and offensive skills.


Deadlifts are another great routine to add into one’s weekly workout plan. It’s a simple and popular exercise that works to build strength throughout the entire body. Make sure you know how to do them properly and not on growing kiddos’ bodies.

Medicine Ball Tosses

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to the options you have with a medicine ball. And within this video, you’ll learn an entire series that you include into your hockey players’ workouts and strengthening routines.

Unlocking the Hips

Special attention to the hips are crucial for the health and progression of a hockey player – and that’s at any age. Learn how to stretch and “unlock” one’s hips within this video or any tutorials that are easy for you to follow. This is essential to warmups.

Passing Progression Drills

These are perfect to infuse into practice time and to build teamwork as well. These drills also help with essential skills like passing the puck from a stationary positive or while under pressure.

Tennis Ball Suicides

You may think that these drills are for tennis players but they’re perfect for other athletes – like those on the ice with a puck and a stick. Our hockey players will learn how to accelerate and decelerate along with this exercise added to their repertoire. Walk through this drill by visiting the video.

5-Cone Scramble

Practice your stopping and starting – your agility – with the 5-cone scramble. You’ll get the gist of how to make this happen throughout the video. This particular exercise is what hockey players need to use to help with their acceleration and deceleration skills.


Pull-ups are just another simple exercise that one can include in their weekly routines. It helps build core strength, essential to all athletes, and builds upon your own muscle without adding weights making it a great option for athletes of all ages.

Suitcase Carry

Grab a suitcase – even for the kiddos – and get to carrying! This is a simple and easily accessible exercise that will strengthen hockey players off the ice. You don’t have to use an actual suitcase, instead, just carry a kettlebell at the gym.

Hockey Stops

It’s important to practice how to stop appropriately when you’re a hockey player. And this drill is a necessity to place into workouts or practices on the ice – especially for younger athletes.

Mohawk Turns

Learn how to do a “mohawk turn!” It’s a drill you can incorporate, sure, but it’s also a “trick” that you can blend into your repertoire as a hockey player. Eventually, you’ll need to learn these skills to progress within the sport.

Two Foot Glide

The two-foot glide drill is another foundational skill that you’ll want to perfect. These are good drills to keep within the system to stay fine-tuned with your skating abilities. You can even use these in warmups.

Mirror Drill

Finally, the mirror drill is a great way to strengthen one’s agility – and you’ll need a partner! It’s perfect for reaction times as well. Watch as these two athletes jump into the drill and “mirror” what’s supposed to happen during the exercise.

40 Yard Shuffle

Build endurance and speed. Up your agility and lateral speed. Participate in the 40-yard shuffle to help all of those essential qualities.


We all know that squats will help with your lower body strength, so throw a few reps of these into the program as well. This particular video will walk you through how to do the exercise in a way that truly promotes both strength and power.

Skater Jumps

Skater jumps are a great form of cardio but they also work our little (and big) skaters out nicely when they’re off the ice! There are tons of different ways to tackle this drill, as you can see in the video, find one that’s best-loved and incorporate it into your weekly routine.