12 Podcasts Beneficial For A Budding Athlete

Young Athletes on a basketball court

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, especially those dedicated to the kids. And thankfully, there are several that are not only appropriate for our pre-teens and teens to be listening to but they’re talking about stuff that matters and stuff they’re interested in; like sports!

Today we’re sharing 12 podcasts beneficial for a budding athlete that both you and the kiddos should be listening to. They’ll offer up an opportunity for conversation between parents and children, bring ideas to the surface for healthy habits, share advice, and keep everyone up-to-date on the happenings around the field and court.

12 Podcasts Beneficial For Budding Athletes

What if World

Athlete or not, kiddos love ‘What if World’ because it’s all about the intrigue. Even though these episodes aren’t specifically about sports, this is the kind of entertainment you want your child engaged in. Keeping the mind alert and critical thinking skills engaged with stories and questions that will stimulate the mental part of their growing brains.

Dream Big

This is rated the #1 podcast on iTunes in the Kids & Family category, so we had to feature it within the list. Again, mental abilities are just as important as the physical for budding athletes and being able to share and communicate and “dream big” are essential elements of that. Kids are introduced to fun guest speakers and encouraged to dream big on and throughout every episode.

The Fantasy Footballers

If football is a favorite sport in the house you may want to tune in here. But even more so, if you participate in a fantasy football league, it’s right up your alley. It’s an award-winning podcast and runs all year long with fresh content for everyone.

The Sports Gal Pal

Infuse some girl power into your sports conversations. This podcast, led by lifelong sports fan Ramona Rice. There’s a lot of romance behind the radio blog itself, and worth the read. You’ll get a lot of great insight and sports talk coming from a woman – which is a source of empowerment for young girls!

Kids Health Revolution

From eczema cures to traditional Chinese medicine, there’s a host of inspiring information one can receive from reading and listening to Kids Health Revolution. And you can do this alongside your child. A part of a budding athlete is a healthy mind and body and this space has that same focus.

Five Minutes with Dad

Everyone in the family will enjoy listening to this one! Featured in a variety of print magazine and websites, it’s a well-loved space to listen to Dad chat with the kids. The show offers up plenty of opportunities to communicate within your own family as well – topics vary throughout each episode!

The MLB Show

We’ve got something for our baseballers as well. It’ll keep you up to date and filled with all the latest news in the major leaguer world. Episodes include “Is the World Series Headed for a Rematch,” and “AL and NL Division Previews.”

Brain Stuff

The best and brainiest of all comes in the form of the Brain Stuff podcast. It’s intriguing, it’s engaging, and, this too, will get the kiddos’ minds thinking. You’ll listen to the hosts chat about everything under the sun – popcorn, physics, hiccups, and giant squids.

If your kid(s) are struggling with science, have a look at these resourcesresources which may provide some extra value.

The Happy Bite

If you’re looking for a podcast that talks about the importance of nutrition, look no further than The Happy Bite – brought to you by a real mom (she’s also a registered dietitian). You’ll get ideas on how to pack the best school lunches to whether energy bars are a thing that kids should be indulging in. It’s information you can share as a family and have your budding athlete be aware of as well.

Gridiron Gals

These feisty gals get together and lay it all out on the table – with their focus being on college and professional football. They break down thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and Nike. And, again, it’s nice to listen about sports from the mouths of women – showing support in all areas of this world.

The NBA Show

Finally, for our fans of basketball, there’s The NBA Show that will keep fans updated on all things from the court. Episodes include those such as “The Future of the Young Suns and Key Players to Watch Out For” and “Jimmy Butler Trade Talks.”

Ted Talks

Ted Talks are trendy and super popular – and there are Ted Talks specifically for the Kids & Family! There are so many different categories that this podcast covers. From sports to science to underwater astonishments, there’s something to pique everyone’s interest.