10 Off-Ice Hockey Drills

Players don’t always have access to the ice, so it’s imperative that we know what to do when we’ve got a slab on concrete to work with instead of the rink. Some of our most basic and best training exercises can be done off the ice and we’re sharing 10 of them today.

Below you’ll find off-ice hockey drills that will help fine-tune and strengthen skills one needs to grow as a hockey player.

10 Off-Ice Hockey Drills

Basic Stickhandling

Take a look at this YouTube video to check out some basic stickhandling skills that you and the kiddos can work on when you’re off the ice. There are a variety of different specific exercises that you’ll be able to practice, including three-puck handling, three-way handling, and the mayhem drill. Learn more about them here.

Skater Jumps

Skater jumps are a great form of cardio but they also work our little (and big) skaters out nicely when they’re off the ice! There are tons of different ways to tackle this drill, as you can see in the video, find one that’s best-loved and incorporate it into your weekly routine.

Tennis Ball Suicides

You may think that these drills are for tennis players but they’re perfect for other athletes – like those on the ice with a puck and a stick. Our hockey players will learn how to accelerate and decelerate along with this exercise added to their repertoire. Walk through this drill by visiting the video.

The Dot Drill

Footwork will become stronger – along with the ankles – and agility will improve too. The Dot Drill is a sequence that your players will come to learn (and love becomes of how they’ll grow as an athlete). And you don’t need a special mat to do the drill, you can use some tape to create your very own! There are several different sequences that you can learn, all of them will help with the above skills and fine-tuning.

Triangle Drill

This is a type of stickhandling drill that you’ll want to add to the bag as well. You don’t even need skates on for this one either. It’s great for growing puck-handling abilities as well as defensive skills.

Figure 8s

No ice is needed to practice some Figure 8s either, you just need your stick! Watch the video and see how you’ll be practicing how to handle your puck and stick within a Figure 8 shape. This helps with handling both pieces as well as defensive and offensive skills.

Weighted Puck Shooting

Just like baseball players use weighted balls and bats for training and strengthening, the same premise goes for pucks in hockey! Weighted puck shooting can become a drill that you include in the weekly training sessions – you’ll just need to make sure you have some on hand to use!

Single Leg Squats

It’s imperative that hockey players not only have control of their lengths, but they have strengths. With single leg squats, you’ll build up that strength. And thanks to Reebok and this video you’ll get an insider’s glance into how to do it all the right – and safe – ways.


Dribbling doesn’t only happen in basketball. It’s also a foundational skill that you’ll need to fine-tune as you play hockey as well. Make sure our little ones learn how to dribble their puck correctly from the very start.

Mirror Drill

Finally, the mirror drill is a great way to strengthen one’s agility – and you’ll need a partner! It’s perfect for reaction times as well. Watch as these two athletes jump into the drill and “mirror” what’s supposed to happen during the exercise.