3 Genius Tailgating Timesavers…You Probably Didn’t Think Of

These top tailgating tips are sponsored by our friends at VolunteerSpot – the leading, online sign-up tool that makes organizing people (and tailgates) a snap!

Do you love to tailgate?  WE have 3 genius tailgating timesavers...that you might not have thought of!!
It’s a great time of year for tailgating!!  Even if you aren’t a football fan, I’m sure you can appreciate the season for other reasons.  Some of the things I love the most are the cool weather and hanging out with friends to catch a game.  If you have kids who play for a high school/college team or you are fortunate enough to have season tickets to the NFL, then you might be a tailgating pro?  If you tailgate often or are just a once-a-year spectator, we have 3 tailgating timesavers that will help you pull it off without a hitch!

1.  Keep a few staples in a tub to grab and go.

Line a large tub with a trash bag before you pack everything in it.  When you unload at the tailgating site, you have a handy trash or recycling bin! Condiments also fit nicely in a recycled drink carrier and make transporting a snap.  Disposable items are always nice to have when you won’t be near a sink…and don’t forget the $1 plastic table cloth! One last [versatile] thing to keep in the tub…FOIL.  Foil can help scrape down a dirty grill, keep food warm, or wrap up leftovers

2.  Freeze water bottles the night before.

Ice is the trickiest part of the whole tailgating experience!  You need a lot of it but don’t want to get it too early or it will all melt.  The other problem is that while you need it to keep your food cold, after the food is gone you are left with a cooler full of water.  Solution:  Freeze water bottles the night before to replace your ice.  When they melt you have cold water to help everyone stay hydrated.

3.  Organize the food with an online signup form so everyone brings something and no one gets stuck with everything.

Having a tailgating party requires a lot of pre-planning, and once you are at the location, most times you can’t just run home and grab something you forgot. Organize your tailgate party with free online sign-up sheets from VolunteerSpot! Plan for food, drinks, flatware, you name it – get more folks pitching in and less people bringing the same thing.

If everyone signs up to bring one or two items, chances are you will have everything you need.  A free online tool like VolunteerSpot makes signing up a breeze and saves everyone time – and you can count on automated reminders to help keep everyone on track. Try it now!

Tailgate Potluck Sign-Up

Tailgating is so much fun and a great way to hang out before and/or after a game.  For more great tips, check out our post HERE.  Do you have any other tailgating tips…we’d love for you to share!!