This channel is full of tennis drills that permit a pro to feed out of a bucket during a private session and keep his eye on the client to correct form and stroke production.

(1x Approach, 2x Volleys, 2x Overheads)  Discover a huge resource of tennis training drills and tennis practice programs for coaches, parents as well as players.

Discover proven drills in Tennis Skills & Drills that demonstrate appropriate technique with descriptions for players to master a skill and then use that targeted skill during competition

Our warm up tennis drills section will allow you to quickly and effectively warm up your players.

(Lob – Volley – Live Ball) Great exercise drills are a mandatory part for success on the tennis court at the intermediate tennis level.

Quick reactions are important at all levels of tennis, where lost seconds can make or break your return.

Slice, or backspin, causes the tennis ball to spin back toward the source of impact (you).

Please share some of your most frequently used tennis drills for building singles skills.

Use the drills that are suitable for coaches who are looking for tennis activities designed for coaching singles players.

The following is a drill to help players learn the different zones in tennis and what shots to hit when in those zones.

Here is an effective tennis drill for beginning players which emphasizes being prepared to hit the ball early.

How to Get Your Kids Exercising

As childhood obesity continues to be a problem across the United States, parents are struggling to find ways to get their kids outside and exercising. Part of the problem is that most kids just want to play and have fun, not spend their time working out and being bored. To solve this problem, parents need …

This animated series of drills is intended for rookie coaches, mid school and high school coaches and tennis camp instructors.

Is Your Child Riding the Bench Here's How to Parent Through It

When children are very young, they may enjoy a Shangri-La sports experience – no one is cut from the team, equal playing time is enforced, and everyone receives a participation medal. Are those idyllic days now behind you? It’s OK that they are. Sometimes riding the bench can be a good thing. Here’s how to …

Proper tennis footwork training entails performing drills and exercises intended to increase a player’s foot speed.

If you’re looking to learn new and innovative tennis drills, practice routines, games, videos, tactics, techniques and tips than this is the channel for you.

Football Concussions: Risks, Signs and Treatment

Although children have a chance of becoming injured no matter what sport they play, it is high contact sports, like football, that carry the biggest risks. One of the more dangerous injuries parents need to be aware of and watch out for are football concussions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines a …

Any athlete striving for improvement needs to train his hand-eye coordination as much as he trains his body.

Long Term Risks Associated with Football Concussions

  If your teen has a love of football, he may be interested in continuing his career by first heading to play college ball and then trying out for the NFL. Since football is a high contact sports, players are more susceptible to injuries, like football concussions. These can have serious long term affects. It …

Effective tennis drills are aimed at kids and juniors learning how to play tennis. Kids can benefit from specific fun drills designed to teach them the fundamentals of this great sport helping kids solidify their tennis basics.

DIY Tennis Racket Cork Board

I’ve been noticing a lot of DIY decorating ideas circulating around Pinterest and thought I’d give one a try. The project that really caught my eye was upcycling old tennis rackets into mirrors. The problem with that was I had no desire to go and have glass cut to fit an old tennis racket. Instead, …

Down-the-line drills is a type of tennis forehand drill that is not only used in the forehand stroke, but it is also used in the backhand approach followed by a volley.

Tennis Consistency and accuracy Rally Drills. Players maintain high net clearance to achieve consistency.

Best Apps for Tracking Physical Activity

When kids join sports teams it is important for them to remain physically fit throughout the season. If exercise is neglected, injuries are more likely to occur. Since teens and younger children have a tendency to spend a little too much time playing video games or using their cell phones, it makes sense to hold …

Many hands make light work, which is why you’ll need to recruit volunteers for your next fundraiser. Although it sounds simple enough, it can be difficult to round up enough people to have the fundraiser run like a well-oiled machine. Below are a few suggestions for how to recruit the volunteers you need to raise …