Team Spirit: Custom DIY Bleach Shirt


Have you ever wanted a special t-shirt to show off your kid’s team or support them by wearing their number to a game?  Cute and customized t-shirts can cost up to $25 (sometimes even more).  What you might not realize it that making your own custom DIY bleach shirt is simple and cost effective.  You can make one for each child, every season for around $5 each (depending on cost of shirt).

Here’s what you need to make the EASIEST version (we’ll talk about some other options later):  dark t-shirt (I got mine at Walmart in the workout wear section for less than $4), bleach pen, plastic mat or piece of cardboard, chalk (optional)

Custom DIY Bleached Shirt-1.jpg

I was making this shirt for Heather and something she says to her boys before every game is “have FUN, play HARD”.  You can read her recent post on “parent sportsmanship”.  You could use your child’s team name, jersey number, your favorite saying…the sky is the limit! 😉 

I was a little nervous just free-handing the lettering so I used chalk to write it out first.  If you are confident, feel free to skip this step.

Custom DIY Bleached Shirt-1-2.jpg

Then trace the words using a bleach pen.  You can find bleach pens at most grocery stores in the cleaning aisle near the bleach.

Custom DIY Bleached Shirt-1-3.jpg

Let it set for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off under the sink.  If it’s not quite dark enough, go over it again and wait another 10-15 minutes.  Rinse off all the bleach again, then wash before wearing it.  I would suggest washing it by itself the first time.

Custom DIY Bleached Shirt-1-6.jpg

If you want to get fancier there are some other options.  Most of these are simple but require a few more supplies are a little more work.

Freezer Paper and Bleach:

in this tutorial she used freezer paper but if you have a vinyl cutter like a Silhouette or Cricuit this would be really simple!

dyed watermark 

Sharpie Stained

Bleach Pen and Contact Paper

Have you ever made your own t-shirt?  We’d love to hear how you did it!!