DIY Sports Koozie | Perfect for Father’s Day

Get step-by-step instructions for making a DIY sports koozie! These make a perfect gift for any sports fan!

 Father’s Day is coming up in June and we have a fun craft for any dad who is a sports fan!!  This fun koozie can be made with pretty much any type of ball, but we chose to make it using a football.

The supplies you will need for this DIY sports koozie are:  ball, razor knife, travel mug (I found this one at the Dollar Tree), (scissors and paper are optional)

For our tutorial I will be customizing it specifically for a football, so you may have to adjust the design a little for another type of sport.

Easy Father's Day Gift for the Sporty Dad-1.jpg

 Start by cutting the ball at the top of the widest part to each seam opposite of the laces.  The photo below will clarify…hopefully! 😉

Easy Father's Day Gift for the Sporty Dad-1-2.jpg

 If your mug has a pre-existing holder like mine, use it as a template.  If it doesn’t, use a piece of paper to make your own template for around the mug.

Easy Father's Day Gift for the Sporty Dad-1-3.jpg

Now using the template, cut out the pattern.  Try to get close to the horizontal laces for a cleaner look.

Easy Father's Day Gift for the Sporty Dad-1-4.jpg

 On both ends, cut small slits in the center and run a piece of lace through them.  There will hopefully be some leftover pieces of lace that you didn’t use.  It should look like the picture below.

Easy Father's Day Gift for the Sporty Dad-1-5.jpg

Slip the finished koozie over the mug and tie a knot in the lace to secure.

Easy Father's Day Gift for the Sporty Dad-1-6.jpg

 This quick craft took me about 5 minutes to make and came out really cute!  I got the football from a thrift store for a few bucks and the mug was $1.  All together this cost less than $5!

To round out this gift, fill the mug with a gift card to Dad’s favorite coffee joint and maybe a fun printable.  If you have younger kids, here’s a great keepsake that Heather designed.  It will be fun to look back on these years from now!

Easy Father's Day Gift for the Sporty Dad-1-7.jpg

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