Fantasy Football for Girls – No Boys Allowed!!

How To Play Fantasy Football – A Beginner’s Guide for Girls

When I first met my husband (way back in college) he was playing Fantasy Sports.  Flash forward to today and his love for Fantasy (football and baseball) is still going strong.

Over the years his group of friends have taken the “sport” to a whole new level with weekend getaways, “meetings” and trophies.   I tease him about it but in reality they have a lot of fun and good ol’ fashion rivalry.  I have to be honest it gets pretty annoying sometimes when he is watching 3 different games at once (TV, IPad, phone), but he loves it!

So we thought it would be fun if the girls got to have their own league?!?  How many of us LOVE football?  How many of us sit with our husbands or boyfriends on a Monday, Thursday or Sunday watching the games?  I know I do!

So if are considering getting the ladies together and having your own friendly competition, here’s some pointers:

Get a Draft Board

Make sure you order this in advance so you have it for the big day! 😉  Here’s a great Draft Kit to get you started.

Set up a League

There are a few sites that have FREE leagues.  If you are just starting out, you don’t need to get too fancy.  All of these are great:

Location for Draft

Determine where you want to host the draft.  Most sports bars have rooms they rent out for Fantasy drafts.  If you decide to host it at your house, just make sure to send your man out with his buddies and the kids to grandma’s for the night. 😉

Send Invites to Your Girlfriends

Once you know the location, it’s time to send out the invites and get everyone EXCITED.  Here’s a FREE Printable Invite that you can change the location and time information…


{Click on image to save an editable version or HERE for the PDF. }

To customize your own invitation, you’ll just need to download the invitation and then either add your text in a program you already use or upload it to and add your text!

Food and Drinks!

You have all the technically things figured out, now you can focus on the PARTY!  And who doesn’t love themed food??

Check out The Pink Flour’s party for some inspiration:


And be sure to come back to our site on WEDNESDAY to find some more fun FOOTBALL themed food ideas!

Choose a Fun Girly Fantasy Football Team Names

Tatiana at recommends you have some fun with Fantasy Football Team Names For Girls. Here are a few that jumped out at us.


Superbowl Babes
Gridiron and Wine
Kansas City Chicks
Junk in the Trunk
Sacks and the City
Lucky Ladies League
Miami Hot Mamas
Girls only!
The Watergirl
Minivan Mavens
Chicago Mama Bears
Locker Room Ladies
P.M.S. Pretty Moms Score
The Brains of the Game
Girlz Rule Boyz Drool
Babes with Brains
Diva Draft Picks
Dallas Cowgirls
Lipstick Leatherheads
Huddle Hussies
Badass Baby Makers
The Tacklebox
Sweet Cheeks
Glitz and Blitz
Hail Marys
Jersey Babes League
Girls on the Gridiron
Southern Sweet Peas
In Her Endzone
Friday Night Tights
Gunner Gurlz
The Pleated Prowlers
Victorious Secret
Miss Daisy League
The Pink Panthers
Green Babe Packers
Cuddling Cougars
Ladies for Manning
Mile High Heels
Easy, Breesy, Beautiful!
Punting Pussycats
Running Back to Me
Pigskin Princesses
Ovaries in Overtime
Drawn and Quarterbacked
Suicide Squad
Apple Bottom Turnovers
Wenches in Trenches

Anyone planning to host your own Fantasy Football league???