Soccer Wall Passes # 2 Training Drill

Wall Passes # 2

The best way to improve a passing drill in soccer when the squad simply won’t appear to understand it. An excellent routine is usually to show exactly what a effective soccer passing drill needs to look like with the team ahead of getting them to carry it out by themselves. Teach them when you explain exactly what the soccer movements look like. One other essential suggestion would be to have your own soccer training plan on hand, including the particular coaching points and soccer terminology you want to work with.

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Basic Information

Age Group: (5-7yrs)(8-11yrs) (12-15yrs)
Number of Players: 8+
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Time: 5-10 min.
Emphasis: Passing

Field Preparation:

  • groups of 5-8
  • each group with 2x balls
  • cones to mark off area
  • repeat setup to accommodate the entire team


  • first player from each group plays a wall pass with the player to his right
  • after receiving the ball back he lays it off to next player as shown


  • specify how players must pass/ receive (left or right foot, inside or outside foot etc.)
  • adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

Coaching Points:

  • weight of pass
  • accuracy
  • first touch
  • eye contact

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