Get Rid of the Old Before You Bring in the New!

Get rid of the old before you bring in the new this Christmas.  Having your home cleared of the things you don't need any longer BEFORE you bring in new items will help with your sanity!

This time of year my house seems to start overflowing.  It’s a feeling that our “stuff” is taking up every available space.  We have decorations and gifts and food and…you get the point!  Do you ever feel this way in December?  Well, now is the perfect time to PURGE.  Not only can you get rid of some of the stuff you no longer need but you could get cash for those items.

If you read our blog then chances are you have a kid or two in some type of sport.  Kids are notorious for growing out of shoes and clothes at an alarming rate!! They outgrow sports equipment so fast it’s amazing and sometimes switching sports all together because their interests change. Most of the time their gear is still in good condition and has lots of years left in it…which makes that cluttered garage, basement or closet a potential source of income.  GET RID OF THE OLD BEFORE YOU BRING IN THE NEW!

Have you ever heard of Play It Again Sports®?  It is a neighborhood sporting goods store offering new and quality used sports and fitness equipment.  You can recycle your used sports and fitness equipment there by selling or trading in your gear, and they have locations all over the country.  They will buy back anything from a pair of cleats to a punching bag.

If you don’t have a Play It Again Sports® close to where you live there are other ways to to make some money off of your used equipment. Here are a few other websites that might be helpful:

        • : SwapMeSports is an online community that allows you and your neighbors, family and friends to buysell,  or find sports equipment without listing, selling and shipping fees.
        • Craigslist or Facebook Groups
        • Ebay

If getting your act together and selling things before Christmas sounds too overwhelming, there are so many organizations that will gladly accept donations.  Having your home cleared of the things you don’t need any longer BEFORE you bring in new items will help with your stress level and sanity! 🙂