Motivate your Kids to Read

Motivate your Kids to Read
Motivate your Kids to Read

I’ll be the first to admit, none of my boys are what you would call “big readers”. You know what I mean, the kind of kid who passes time by reading a book wherever they go…in the car, while attending their sibling’s sporting events or curled up on their bed with a good book in hand.

My kids go in phases and sometime struggle to find a good book. If they happen to find a good series, my boys will read every book in the series and when they are done, they’ll tell me there are no more good book in the ENTIRE library!

During the school year there is obviously mandatory reading that the kids must do for their classes, and they are good with that! During the summer, our family rule is that our boys read for at least 30 minutes a day. This is when I start to hear the famous phrase, “There’s nothing good to read!”

Motivate your Kids to Read through Magazine Subscriptions

I had to find a way to motivate my kids to read…One thing that has helped our family along the way is to have some subscriptions to magazines. Even though they are not books, it’s OK!!…they are reading, and that’s the most important thing! The more they read, the more they are exposed to in terms of content and vocabulary.

This seems to simple, right? And, actually it is simple. There are 3 big motivators with this tactic:

Get them interested and excited!

Start by searching online and look at all the pictures of the magazines. Our favorite magazine sites are and

Draw them in!

You know, it’s the cover that draws us (kids & adults alike) in! Is it visually appealing! Have them make a list of magazines they might be interested in. Then, together, order one right away!  The suspense has now set in, especially for younger kids! Let them know that if they want to try more than one magazine, they can always ask for one for a birthday or at Christmas time.


What kid doesn’t love to get mail!? The anticipation that there might be something in the mailbox just for them is great! The best part is that it’s always a surprise! You never know when the magazines will arrive! Our kids get one magazine that is a weekly subscription…and they can’t wait for Fridays and then fight over who gets the magazine first!!

We wanted to share some magazines that are great for kids. Obviously, you will have to pay attention to age appropriateness as well as what would interest your child.

Each issue introduces children to science, art, nature, and the environment with fun activities, games, projects, photographs and illustrations, exciting stories, and more.
fun, fresh and quick recipes and party ideas both parents and children will love.
6+National Geographic Kids Magazine
Nat Geo Kids features photos and illustrations introducing children to entertainment, science, technology, extreme sports, adventures, amazing explorers, and world wonders on their level.
Each issue teaches young readers about health, self-confidence, and better living through humor and adventurous stories.
Self-esteem magazine for girls empowering confidence, inner beauty, anti-bullying, making a difference, being authentic, & positive thinking.
Topics include baseball skills, profiles of outstanding youth teams and players, tournaments, new equipment guides, Major League stars recalling their own youth baseball days, health, nutrition, injury prevention and cure, etc.
8-12American Girl Magazine
Provides an alternative to teen magazines for pre-teens growing up, but straddling the gap between girlhood and young womanhood.
8-15Sports Illustrated Kids
Features the most popular athletes using articles, photographs, games, and advice geared toward a child's perspective.
Each issue focuses on a different theme, ranging from scouting, sports, and racing, to travel, computers, and stories of American Indians.
Friends, fashion, quizzes, celebrity interviews and self-esteem.
Helps adolescents prepare for their social, physical, and financial futures.
Sports Spectrum magazine seeks to highlight Christian athletes of all sports and levels to help motivate, encourage and inspire people in their faith through the exciting and challenging world of sports.

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