Soccer Separate 1v1s With Targets Training Drill

Separate 1v1s With Targets

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Basic Information

Age Group: (5-7yrs)(8-11yrs) (12-15yrs) (16-Adult)
Number of Players: 8+
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Time: 10-20 min.
Emphasis: Passing

Field Preparation:

  • groups of 8
  • grid (20yds x 30yds)
  • cones to mark off area
  • pinnies
  • supply of balls
  • repeat setup to accommodate the entire team


  • 2 pairs inside the grid
  • 4 neutral players around the grid
  • each pair plays a separate 1v1 inside the grid
  • two of the four neutral players have soccer balls
  • players inside the grid score by passing to a neutral player who doesn’t have a ball
  • once a goal is scored the passer runs to receive a new ball from another neutral player as shown
  • switch roles after appr. 2 minutes


  • vary number of pairs inside the grid
  • vary number of neutral players with a ball
  • adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

Coaching Points:

  • disguise
  • vision
  • first touch
  • communication
  • quick decision making
  • accuracy over power

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