Soccer Touchline Passing # 5 Training Drill

Touchline Passing # 5

Introduce this drill to your training sessions and they will improve their passing skills. For more drills and games just keep on browsing.

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Basic Information

Age Group: (5-7yrs)(8-11yrs) (12-15yrs) (16-Adult)
Number of Players: 8+
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5-10 min.
Emphasis: Passing

Field Preparation:

  • each player around the grid with a ball
  • grid (25yds x 25yds)
  • cones to mark off area


  • players inside the grid receive passes from players outside the grid
  • after receiving the ball and taking a couple of touches they pass to a different player outside the grid
  • switch roles every 90 sec.


  • two players distribute low passes; other two players high passes by throwing the ball
  • specify how players must pass/receive (left or right foot, inside or outside foot, high or low etc.)
  • adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

Coaching Points:

  • accuracy over power
  • first touch
  • players should accelerate towards the ball
  • constant movement

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