Taking on the role of “Team Mom” can be a time-consuming job if you are not organized right from the start! Check out our Team Mom Duty Checklist (and accompanying printables below). You may need to make some slight modifications for your particular sport and league/program offering, but it should provide some helpful tips no matter the sport.

Sports Team-Mom Duty Checklist

Attend Team Mom Meeting

Typically, at the start of every new season, the league will hold a Team Parent (i.e., Mom) meeting to inform you of all the events and important information throughout the season.

This is a meeting you do NOT want to miss! You will learn about pictures, uniforms, game schedules, expectations, and more. All of this information will need to be conveyed to the families on your team, so make it a priority to attend!


Communication is key in Team Mom Leadership. People need frequent reminders about practices, games, snacks, and more. Consider a team sports management application like TeamSnap or Teamstuff in order to save time communicating and organizing your team.

1. Start By Gathering The Following Information From Each Player (If You Don’t Already Have It)

Be sure to collect any relevant information related to identifying and contacting your team such as:

  • Jersey Number (if applicable)
  • Player Names
  • Parent Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers

You can copy and save our Free Contact Information Spreadsheet (made with Google Docs) to fill in the details and even add your own touches based on your needs! Use it right there on the screen (automatic saving is nice) and print it out later for on the field or during meeting use.

2. Set Up An Email Distribution List

Take the time to enter everyone’s email address onto a group contact in your email client. This will ensure that with the click of one button, you can email the entire team every time you need to send a note out.

Distribute Emails via Gmail

Distribute Emails via Outlook

3. Send Out A “Welcome Email”

Introduce yourself to the team’s families and highlight the important information they need to know about the upcoming season. Including:

  • Uniforms
  • Pictures
  • Weather line phone number
  • Scorekeeping
  • Concession stand duty (if required by the league)

4. Order/Pick-Up Uniforms & Deliver To Players

If your team decides to personalize uniforms or equipment (e.g., names on the back of the uniforms) you will need to set this up with a screen printer and collect money from each family to cover the cost.

We recommend that when possible, you collect monies BEFORE distributing the final products. You do not want to “chase” parents for payment all season. It also helps to be able to accommodate multiple forms of payment such as Paypal or Venmo. The easier you make it for parents to submit payments, the less hassle there will ultimately be.

Order Your Uniforms Online:

5. Hand Out Picture Order Forms &/Or Collect Money For Pictures

Just as it was with ordering the uniforms and collecting money from the parents, you want to make sure you’re keeping track (preferably on the same sheet as the uniform order list). If possible, you’ll also want to get some picture order forms from the company you’re using for the parents to fill out.

6. Send Out Snack Schedule

I have found it is best to assign each family a game to bring snacks. If a family has a conflict with the date assigned, ask them to trade with another family and inform you of the change. This system is faster than asking families to sign up.

7. Find Scorekeepers, If Necessary

Ask for a handful of parents that can rotate either running the scoreboard, keeping the scorebook updated, etc. and assign them games at the beginning of the season. The coach may take on this responsibility, but if he/she “delegates” this task to you, at the very least, have the coach assist in this communication.

8. Before Each Practice Or Game Send Out A “Reminder Email”

Let’s face it, family/work schedules can be hectic so it is helpful to receive reminders. The coach or the team parent usually will send the practice/game schedule each week and/or on the day of the event.

Practice Times & Location Calendar

This can be a time-consuming process, so to keep everything neat and orderly, I have included a printable calendar that you can fill in with all practice times and locations. Refer to this calendar before sending out your email.

Group Text Reminder

Also, another good option instead of email is to send group texts (this is especially helpful when providing weather-related updates or last-minute location changes). Thankfully, with the array of accessible apps we have today, mass texting has gotten immensely easier.

We’ve found some free apps you can use to easily set up and send group texts to everyone who needs to be in the know!

Group Text Apps on the App Store:

Group Text Apps on Google Play:

9. Order Trophies, If Necessary

There’s a lot of ways you can go about ordering trophies. We definitely recommend you take advantage of potential local options which will allow you to assess the quality of the materials in person in relation to the price.

Order Trophies Online At:

10. Organize The End Of Season Team Party

This is a great time to recruit some other moms and dads to help you. The kids really love just hanging out together, so nothing super fancy is necessary, but a few ideas (depending on the time of year) are:

  • Pitch-in at a local park
  • Swim Party
  • Cook-out at a team member’s home
  • Go out for ice cream right after the last game is over
  • Meet at a local pizza joint for dinner
  • Parents vs. Players Game & Dessert Pitch-In

Don’t Forget The Coach’s Gift

Considering buying or creating a gift for the coach. Once the gift is decided, calculate the fair share for each player’s family to contribute and send out a group email to collect money from each player’s family.

It’s also a good idea to add a little something extra such as buying a card and having the team players sign it. The best time to present this gift is at the end-of-season party where you’re all gathered at once in celebration of a hard season well fought.

Download Our Free Printables To Keep On Track!

Use the Sports Team-Mom Duty Checklists below to make sure you have accomplished all necessary steps. The additional printables will help to make sure you have everything covered!

Grab a clipboard and keep all of the Team Mom Duty Printables from below on it for the season. This is an easy way to have all of your information with you throughout the season. If parents have a question for you, you’ll have the answer readily available!

To do list for kids sports

Collection tracker for kids sports

Contact information team checklist

Team Calendar for kids sports

DOWNLOAD HERE: To-Do | Contact Information  | Collection Tracker  | Calendar

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