TWO Loads of Laundry at ONCE…REALLY?!?

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We love sharing with you ways to make your life better!! Recently we were introduced to something that we think might make your life a little easier, the LG Twin Wash System.  As a busy mom I can appreciate anything that will help me get my laundry done a little quicker…because honestly it’s the task I dislike the most.  (Anyone else feel the same way??)  I don’t take my washing machine for granted and I’m so thankful for it, but how awesome would it be to do TWO loads at once? 

The system allows you to wash a big load in the front-loading washer while simultaneously washing a smaller load in the LG Pedestal Washer unit on the bottom with turbo wash capabilities. You can even purchase a remote for the washer on the bottom, so you don’t have to bend down! Doesn’t it sound amazing?  Well, the good news is that hhgregg is hosting an in-store and online sweepstakes through the end of March and giving one away.  The in store prizes include an LG OLED TV, LG Twin Wash System, LG Surround Sound System, and hhgregg gift cards, while online prizes include an LG 4K TV and hhgregg gift cards. The LG OLED TV that is included in this sweepstakes is phenomenal!  It’s a new category of television with intense color and a wide viewing angle.  If you can’t go to a live sporting event (like the Final Four, for instance) this is the next best thing.  The picture is THAT good!  It has self-lighting pixels that can switch off completely to achieve perfect black for infinite contrast, so images have incredible detail. 
You can enter the LG + hhgregg Play For Keeps Sweepstakes for a chance to win the washer system, TV or other prizes, by filling out the form at or by following the steps below:
  1. Go into your local hhgregg
  2. Get a demo of the OLED TV or Twin Wash System
  3. Receive a scratch-off ticket
  4. Enter your ticket’s code online to reveal instant prizes and be entered to win the grand prize.

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